Shanghai Longfeng Law 99% people are using outdated technology in Shanghai Dragon

why only a few people can grasp the real Shanghai Dragon Technology? It should start from the search engine update algorithm.

but why these tricks later work? After the reason is that more and more people find out this kind of search engine ranking rules, more and more people loophole, resulting in the phenomenon of cheating in flood, low quality and "junk the chain continue to emerge, greatly damaged the user search experience, also destroyed the search engine the credibility of the.


this is a process of updating algorithm. Hence, the search engine algorithm is the life cycle. When it is bound to the update algorithm, a large number of sites like the dead, in June this year, K>

at this time to stand out, it is to not allow this situation to continue. It will certainly stand out to rectify this confusion, to combat illegal content, protect the interests of users, otherwise not only waste "will be more and more, search engine users will gradually lose.

the first search engine does not even think it is a kind of cheating method. But at that time, understand the search engine algorithm is very small, this part of people are very clever to drill these loopholes, easy to get a good ranking them using the search engine algorithm loophole, make a website to obtain the objective flow. Yet it is these people as it is cheating optimization master, master.

search engine to combat illegal content is update algorithm. When all kinds of cheating gradually surfaced, the search engine for them also can have a crystal clear, so they will implement more rigorous algorithm for filtering ", between the rankings obtained by cheating the night away. This time you need to re explore the new algorithm of search engine, in order to better cater to the search engine ranking mechanism.

for Shanghai dragon worker, the search engine is an angel, is the devil, because it supports only row on the first page of the station, behind all of its victims. The search engine every update algorithm, the ghost ghost too many to count. Terrible is its fast update speed is unmatched by other industries, therefore, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge will be updated as the search engine update. In fact, many people use the knowledge of Shanghai Phoenix are outdated. Because the real master of Shanghai dragon is always only a few people.

The original The search engine can be

search engine algorithm is very simple, which website obtained import links, or keyword density is the biggest, which website can get high weight, can obtain the good ranking keywords. So, the first search engine even the most simple means of cheating is not recognized. For example, keyword, it will think the keyword density is, the more the needs of users to the website, this website will be routed to the front. In addition, the first search engine can not judge the quality of the chain, the chain feel more sites more popular, given the weight value is also higher.

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