Hao Bing 5 golden rules to play the ultimate forum signature



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> is not difficult to find related posts

webmaster friends, when you see this article, certainly will not ask a contemptuous disregard, is a forum signature? I also made and is issued every day, fool operation with you? Yes, there is some truth in what you say, but you should ask yourself, your hair how many connections be included? Your website keywords are those forums to get promoted? Better? How many relevant forums you find

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maybe a friend in the industry itself may limit, your industry is not good related forums to find a high weight, even if found may be dead but not popular forum, please don’t be discouraged, but may not find the relevant forum, related post good. For example, I was doing "medical network marketing" and "hospital website promotion", some webmaster forums outside the chain should not be related, but these webmaster forum weights are very high, Hao Bing also can not give up, what to do? Look at the picture:

webmaster forum many friends to idle dozens of statistical weight high BBS, even the forum PR, registered publication time, the number of characters and data signature are listed so painstakingly ah, is really misleading people, believe that many couples are registered some ten forums, but really keep hair how many? Forum in essence is not much, for about 10 of the general weight high website.

content?Figure 2:

, a forum signature pay attention:

well, Hao Bing also not long winded, when you read this article, will make your forum signature effect has been a qualitative leap, heart? We started going on BBS signature that something OK


2, the anchor text + URL directly increase website domain, a domain is the impact of the relevant factors ranking.


Hao Bing believes that figure 2 is good, why

Figure 1:

1 forum signature and website title, too much weight will only add keywords dispersion; and a site corresponding to so many words, is no good for you.

is the most common and the most stupid fool is like this, all of the web site keywords are hung up on the connection, that all ranking will increase. Do you think words are hung up on the continuous N connection is a normal

some time ago about "Hao ice if the promotion website weight", today we mainly talk about the use of signature to improve the keywords ranking

3, convenient statistical chain (such as

just hang a connection with the website directly.


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