Create high quality site three cheats the successful completion of high quality website dream below

users to communicate with users, still rely on community

The first step of

in front of two create a good site for many webmaster support, released today is the last piece of content to create high-quality sites, I believe that through this article can let more webmaster understand a few tricks to create high-quality sites, let the webmaster friends site operators have a deeper understanding of the successful completion of good dream.


to do the task of the pig pig and friends will certainly find revision, a task that will release the class website changed to release social networking sites and demand together, why is the pig in a year to several times, from the deep level after the website development only exchanges have a way out, only the social development will have, and the pig to predict in advance, so the pig to change their behavior, change the operation mode of the web site, to create a social networking site.

Do you know what the user wants to

users want to do, users do

Adsense? What users want to do webmaster do you know? I believe that 80% of the webmaster friends do not know their own website users want what to do, so we must strengthen communication, and the communication is built on to users, users do want to do on the basis of. Why is the A5 interview, why A5 forum for a long time will be released on, this is because A5 also need to understand the voice of the user to obtain the latest information through the voice of the user, and then promote the website changes, and as a personal webmaster want to be respected by the user, then the user must be on on the basis of continuously meet the needs of users, this is a qualified webmaster standard, is also a basic requirement to create the high quality of the site.

communication public website

webmaster friends all know the importance of communication, communication on behalf of in real life is a good interpersonal communication, interpersonal communication in reality are often well, and the focus of this paper is how to enhance the site’s communication mode, so that more communication becomes more sites because of love by the user.


sites have a carrier can make the user to contact you, went to the A5 forum friends will certainly find A5 forum will do better, regardless of the site or at the end of the middle column have contact to remind, A5 why so popular intermediary webmaster friends welcome, direct point is not only low fees, more it is important that the A5 forum friends could be in a very short period of time of contact, and this is the importance of communication. We do not find in page layout, several contacts, but the layout of a QQ layout, a 24 hour contact number is very important, otherwise you have to find the user consulting, customers have no connection to you, this is not his own wasted opportunity? The first step and communication the exchange, is to open their own contact.

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