Advance awareness of a good ER in Shanghai dragon is the key


third: communicate with the industry, understand the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform eye search engine algorithm change

second: peace consciousness is our best embodiment of continuous learning and thinking ability.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a means of website maintenance, because the cost of operation and maintenance personnel problem is a lot of love, many beginners think Shanghai dragon is a very difficult thing. However, optimization of personnel in general, the so-called Shanghai Dragon technology is nothing more than writing articles, send the chain, ranking will go up, if the idea of a friend, I would say the revolution has not yet succeeded, the comrade still needs the effort, do not you see Shanghai Longfeng practitioners increasing constantly? Shanghai dragon industry becomes more and more normative also more and more fierce competition? Is this the chain I have deeply realized the construction of the chain has been compared with the previous difficulty and improve a lot, so I think a good awareness of Shanghai dragon is the key in er. Good gossip short, to the point.

I think either a novice or a veteran, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of learning we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry must have the most core factor, the specific learning content? The author put the core of things to share with you, is the core point in Shanghai dragon VIP third Zac the teacher talked about the research mainly includes market and competitors, including keyword research, distribution, competitor analysis etc.. Secondly, make a detailed plan including objectives, plans and budgets, ROI, project monitoring etc.. Third, is the design of website architecture, including column design, navigation, URL standard, 301 jump and so on. Fourth, page optimization including meta tags, text optimization, keywords layout, code simplification. Finally, the construction of the chain link analysis, high weight chain construction, the principle of the construction of the chain, how to attract social links and so on. Here I just jiehuaxianbi provided the whole idea, some things may carry out their own optimization work had not previously thought, can learn about.

I think that no matter go forward now development Shanghai Longfeng industry or engage in their own optimization industry is currently Shanghai dragon is towards the direction of standardization, the most prominent problem is brought about by the competition will become fierce. Because the current Shanghai dragon and many of us are in the stones, there is no uniform industry standard, which requires us to operate on their every action and every detail is responsible for. I think personally, as if very careful. Although some of the conventional optimization strategy we are performing, but the search engine algorithm is fast changing, a mashiqianti may cause so I think in the work not completed, consciousness is one of the professional quality of each Shanghai dragon er must have.

: first at present in the domestic development condition of Shanghai dragon in your industry analysis

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