According to the requirements of love Shanghai comprehensive Shanghai Longfeng good website optimiza

4, the original article: large sites and small sites have different requirements.

illustrated: vivid pictures, very suitable for. Of course, the size of the picture should be suitable for normally website images according to certain specifications were released, so the same specifications will not only give you the website look as good sense, and do not delay the time you open the page, the specification is usually less than 610pxx620px, can increase the number of expected functions necessary when.

small article: at least 650 words above article.

5, using the station chain analysis tool mining and analysis of the high quality chain chain

the more the better!

For example,

large website: there must be 1 words above the article.

Links, now, with the former is different. The end of the month update especially should not be replaced Links. Usually after a month of 25 do not carry out a chain exchange at the end of the month, because the more love Shanghai will conduct a major update, but at the moment you will love to a chain in Shanghai that is deliberately cheating to cater to love Shanghai update.

1 for love, released by Shanghai algorithm understanding deviation, error optimization.

this should not what new things, but really there are a lot of people do not know, because in the past there is no such tool. Of course, these chain data, or you can download. If you want to find the chain.

2, love Shanghai algorithm has been change again, but did not change the optimization idea.

high quality outside the chain, the chain of user traffic, in order to bring the voting effect to the target site, to help the rankings and weight.

to copy someone else’s website, from the beginning of 2010, after the right to do 7, down to the present weight 1. For example, the number of the chain the more the better, but in fact is the breadth of

3, 2013 Shanghai new love algorithm is very strict.

is the original and high quality, not enough words, the general information network if the 500 word is enough, if the general information website in 1350 words or more is better, but whether you are doing what kind of website, the number of characters will occasionally send some thousand word article, and will often send some pictures, video and language combined with post.

Lu Songsong’s blog, the article is very high, the articles are in more than 1500 words, and words with pictures and other test. Lu Songsong’s biggest surprise is that the Shanghai dragon is very high, very worth learning. Another point, you may have found that it is his blog every day regularly updated one, only one oh. It also gives you a very clear idea, that is the website content update is no longer, but that you update the article if there is quality.

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