Two methods of website should be framed in the industry of Shanghai dragon secret


Whether this

technology framed against competitors website? Shanghai dragon theory from we learned it is possible. Once in the Google webmaster guidelines official also give tips: under special circumstances can be framed. That is to say the use of these measures can be against rivals at some time.

two: against competitors using

link technologyThe use of

in order to make Shanghai dragon industry healthy development, in order to purify the Shanghai dragon industry, this week called the industry: please comply with the professional ethics, improve their own quality to healthy competition, the only way to the health of the Shanghai dragon industry development. And to do some.

any industry in which there are some people who will use some methods to set their competitors, so is the Shanghai dragon industry. Some Shanghai dragon Er tends not to put their mind on how to use optimization to promote their own website, but always thinking about how to use some very means to against a competitor’s site. As a longtime Shanghai dragon Er, some should be framed means to often use unscrupulous people with the A5 platform to us some industry in today’s Shanghai dragon.

this means is completely against competitors, we do know the importance of the Shanghai dragon chain in Shanghai Longfeng work, also know the basic principles of the construction of the chain. Then these people actually use these principles to act in a diametrically opposite way, such as the use of mass links to rival software to increase the number of spam links and cause the competition website short time increase the number of links; there is some spam is the use of bridge page technical against competitors etc.. This technique is called "noble baby bowling industry".

so how can we avoid this malicious framed? The only way is to enhance the weight of their own website! Because once this means framed sites are some of the new and low weight website, did not see the high weight of the site is not ashamed of this hand. So we want to avoid this by starting from the self link technology can only create a frame, high weight website.

by hacking against competitors or go to your website means to profit is very common, and those who are. For example: the use of hacking competition website, hanging black chain on its website, or do some modifications to the robots file so that the site could not be included in the search engine. There is the invasion of some high weight website linked to some of the hidden links to other websites with high weight to increase the weight of their own website and other means. The dog in the manger means may lead to a lose lose.

: the use of hacking against competitors website

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