Web site optimization process data analysis we should start from where

as everyone knows, website optimization process, after a website how to quickly understand and grasp the direction of the website optimization is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are more concerned about the problem, increase the content on the surface of the day, the release of the chain website, but these jobs will have no effect? Love is mainly based on Shanghai what determines the quality of your website? These questions we have analyzed and considered carefully in the process, to optimize the site in good, and today I do a detailed analysis, the website data analysis in the optimization process, we how to do a good job of data analysis work.

second, the change of the summary of data analysis. Through every day of the record, we got every user search keywords, long tail word, the website construction of the source, this time we will be at the weekend for the data analyzed, the website data analysis in addition to attention to the main keywords ranking in the center of our work will be carried out on site long tail the word, long tail word that we more the quality better, we publish the article is for the user’s needs, you can continue to maintain. If through the comparative analysis of the long tail word number has a downward trend that we update the problems, such as whether the reduction in the number and quality of the existence of the problem, a normal site long tail word browsing occupy the entire site in 80% or more proportion, to compare and analyze carefully, we analyze the website below the quality of the content, one of the most important contents of quality indicators reflect that the bounce rate and analysis of website website PV, after the general users to enter the site open only one or two pages left the website that web content did not meet the needs of users, the content of the website overall quality is not high, a high quality website website content can effectively help users to do, after the user understand an article will open the other page to continue browsing page At least more than five pages, the residence time in more than three minutes. If your site does not meet the relevant requirements, will continue, even if the quality is no problem, we must also ensure enough space for.

first, the website data should be statistical data in fixed cycle analysis. In general the users through the website to produce behavior to reflect the statistical data, second days to detailed statistics, website data as a prerequisite for a website we should ensure in time and frequency is fixed under the general webmaster every day to search the long tail word analysis website and keywords and users through the background. We are in units of day, data analysis of the nodes in a week for a time, second days to the day before the data analysis, the data were recorded by the EXCEL form, can also be analyzed by the company’s own CRM, the purpose of which is to the statistical analysis, we performed the first step data analysis is a detailed record of user search behavior, the behavior of these records, and then through the week or month and statistics Summary.

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