Website optimization strategies seen by the Shanghai Shanghai dragon Love Advice

second: Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to optimize the website static page. The static and dynamic web page page on the website of the server, there are some damage, but from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, static pages easier search engines, so as a webmaster, to add a static page to the web site. Add a static page, you can write code to achieve, can also be conducive to the plug-in implementation. It can realize the static page settings of the WordPress in the background, select custom links in the fixed link, the general custom links with /%post_id%.html. Then Dean ‘s Permalinks Migration plugin which can realize static pages, but this requires you to host support pseudo static can use. Pseudo static pages included, so the webmaster can add pseudo static to the site, although the trouble spots, but also a detail optimization.

again: Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to optimize the website keywords. The keyword of the website is very important to search engine spiders love Shanghai, through the web site keywords to your site, on the optimization of key words, the blogger also wrote many articles, the site of title is very important, keyword density in the website of not more than 2%-8%, and different page keywords description are the same, the home keywords can

some time ago by the webmaster speculation: raise a Babel of criticism of Google PR update on the occasion, it is the love of Shanghai ventilation, Google PR update, also love Shanghai bear lonely update, love Shanghai exhaust let the webmaster is really into a state of collapse, such as several days of ventilation in the end stable, this morning site website, found that lack of such a problem, love Shanghai bottom prompt the webmaster to install love Shanghai statistics, collected analysis so as to better the website. This is how it is love in Haizi to promote their products, the previous day in Shanghai recently launched Shanghai Longfeng proposal, estimated that this measure is in the promotion of the webmaster use love Shanghai suggested that the owners have seen the website optimization strategy from the Shanghai Shanghai dragon in love

: first Shanghai Longfeng suggestions to optimize the website domain name. From the webmaster decided to do a new website, the domain name is the webmaster priority, the length of the domain name, the domain name and related keywords, domain name, domain name suffix and so on, these are the webmaster to choose. The domain name is the best choice of English letters, the best is the keyword pinyin or Pinyin domain name of your site; don’t choose too long, too long the domain is not convenient for users to choose the best memory; domain name贵族宝贝,.Org, the domain name is more conducive to search engine included; the domain name is the best in the relatively large domain registrar the registration, such as GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar, here the domain name registration authority, domain name and price is very reasonable. The domain name is like your home address, not to mention the important place.


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