To reduce page similarity increase included

introduces several ways to reduce page similarity

is an important marker of local interface to collect user information, here you can change the users database information needs, can be QQ, telephone, mail one or several combination, pay attention to fill out the information not over 3, simple.

page similarity basically has two meanings, the first page of similar content, similar to the second page template structure. So if your web site can design their own templates and not apply to other sites on the template, website is helpful.

 Figure 1

article >

Analysis of

information in the article, add tags to the article. Let users click on the label to find their own needs of the content.

3 resolution

The integration of

page similarity analysis and recommendation

If the

later in the article and related articles, or add the relevant recommended article section. The following figure


users comment on the article is certainly different, especially the flow of good sites, should be more open communication, more comments, page content similarity is low. Open comment function is also a good way to improve the user experience.

5 tag


– 2 page similarity review

The website

search engine page similarity will not only bring the contents of the site are compared with the other station page, also the website content and site other pages are compared to find out whether there are duplicate pages.

added 4 recommended links at the bottom of the article, 1 text links, 2 guess you love, 3 articles, 4 a. It is very rich in the chain the recommendation system.

will not use the actual meaning of the words after optimizing Gif pictures instead of. The principle is not to interfere with keyword layout and user experience, too many images will affect the page open speed. You can effectively prevent the user acquisition. Here we should pay attention to the problems of industry and entertainment website theme is very suitable for easy web sites in this way.

page similarity. If the website content from other websites collected articles, so this page and the page before the original similarity is very likely in more than 80%, then the search engine is likely to be judged as duplicate pages, and refused to be collected.

The degree of similarity of web content to the

2 picture replacement method

is too long, can use the paging function, the original article cut into paragraphs short articles. The benefits of doing so many rich web page number, reduce the bounce rate, the number of Pv.

4 opens the comment function


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