The mobile station can not do without the promotion of love Shanghai began bullying

of course, once the company Chinese in a single large, some provisions of the king is normal, for example, has now successfully listed Taobao. In 2007 when Taobao in order to win the development, vigorously Chinese grassroots, and now, when the former Taobao has brought up kicked had helped her brother grow up, not only that in the last year and this year has been vigorously to strike off, Taobao, careful users even found this year’s double eleven Taobao the start of the Shanghai love auction. Many people may think of first rights complaints, but Taobao’s October siege events play a role yet, in front of the monopoly, businesses and users of power is really humble.

here, recently some careful friends will find that in fact now ranked Shanghai home real love left to other web site, Shanghai love home is 3, love Shanghai second pages about 5, third pages of 7 or so, in addition to the ranking are all love own products such as the sea, love Shanghai know, love and love of Shanghai Post Bar Shanghai to occupy the middle page. In all walks of life, tourism website website ranking is more in line with such a law. I see friends make such statistics, also tried in the past at different times in different industries to do what the verification, although the results are not the same each time, but consistent with the above description, that is to say now love Shanghai the first three pages can leave other websites as a total row of about 10 times.

said as the largest search engine companies love Shanghai, now more and more like an advertising company, said the beginning of this year, they constantly adjust algorithm, its purpose is to disrupt the existing site optimization techniques, so that everyone in the final choice finally had to be at a loss what to do, love Shanghai for promotion. Now, love again in Shanghai unilaterally declared no mobile site enterprises are not allowed to do the promotion, but also to increase the disguised charges, some friends said, even if some companies are to do with the mobile site, but at the time of submission, the mobile site more than sixty or seventy per cent will be deemed to have failed, to successfully continue to do promotion, companies can choose to spend 600 dollars to help make mobile agents Rangai Shanghai site, but the charges do stand in the way of just appeared in some provinces and cities in the region.

today in WeChat group and some engaged in network promotion friends to communicate, we generally reflect recently received a phone call to love Shanghai provinces in the agency, the contents of the notice is probably in a certain period of time if there is no on-line mobile station some of their own, love sea will unilaterally stop to promote cooperation.

well, today, we are not here to say Taobao, or they know about the love of Shanghai released without a mobile station cannot be generalized to do some news disclosure, hope to be able to help you through the love of Shanghai audit faster. So, in the notice this love in Shanghai enterprises generally need to pay attention to the following two items:


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