Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high end Salon the new ShangHai Railway Station traveling Gospel

in addition, Sharon also share the love of Shanghai mobile search methods of the development trend of mobile search and Optimization for the webmaster, the latest love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also presented one by one in the salon, want to know the specific details please see: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/ thread-13887-1-1.html

: quality is to speed up the rewards and punishments included as a reward; illegal cheating will be punished. The reward system will become transparent, such as what is the punishment, punishment will inform the Shanghai love.

how to make love Shanghai

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end salon in September 19th came to Shanghai, Ctrip, public comment, and have a joyous gathering qianchengwuyou, people network and many other excellent sites, share the development trend of communication in Internet search and ecological environment. In the salon, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform nationwide for the first time issued a new plan for the new mining stand and included, is for the majority of young but a great boon and the high quality of the site.

new good welfare

since 2014, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has traveled to Xiamen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, where’s your next stop? Please look!  


What is the new

– each site will have their own credit evaluation system, the whole process of growth will be recorded in the process of data mining, the history of Shanghai will love reference website, this will make the site more excellent quality, and have had a negative behavior to improve the cost of the website more and more difficult.


find you?

strict, once the site is considered to be the "new good" love Shanghai will speed up the capture of Web site quality and speed, to further review the quality of web pages, if required, directly improve the collection rate.

love to Shanghai Webmaster Platform, registered website information, perfect contact, relevant problems included here all the answers. The recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will also launch a new good mining operations, please the majority of owners to participate in.

"new harmony", as the name suggests, the "new" – a website set up a short time, it should be noted that the "new" also includes large sites of the two domain names; "good" especially in the service of stable, fast response; meet the specific needs of users, especially the unmet needs; have a certain degree of social communication. These are the favorable reference new judgment stand.

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