How to create good keywords by leveraging the intercepted traffic website title

as an example to take stone forum founder Robin is responsible for the site


ROBIN, I will not say (I believe we all know), how do the wheat bags Shanghai dragon, we all know that Taobao search, taobao贵族宝贝 is in five way (of course, part of the reason is because of the reason, wheat bags also love Shanghai large taxpayer brand after all the policy for the protection of the two words) in the index add up to about 1600000, even if Taobao search, taobao贵族宝贝 and most of the people on the wheat bags have little interest, but after all, a high index to the extreme, as is also the main shopping for the wheat bags even if it is only a few percent of the conversion rate, is not very the value of the philippines. In the wheat bags here, leveraging Taobao keyword, taobao贵族宝贝 is wheat bags, is through the optimization keywords others site and their related websites to promote the development of their own website. About wheat bags I will not say, said the following Robin launched in July the United States and the United States mall.

if there is often the women love shopping should be familiar with the title behind the words, is mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty, the two is the largest shopping sharing community, its members are women love online shopping, and the index is high, is more than 20000. At present, these two words in the beautiful mall is steady >

The United States and the United States

is the title of a web site is a web site of the soul, also has the vital role in the development of the website of the title, especially for funds is not very abundant stationmaster are required in the title is make a fuss. The title can also see a webmaster thinking, even can determine whether a site has development potential. The website is just the title title embedded several two or three keywords, according to the degree of difficulty from left to right, so it should not be distributed. To instill a little new thinking here today, a little idea of Shanghai Longfeng classmates know these, here I just say by leveraging the keywords how to build a close to the best title. (for the part of the site)

mall Title: Meimei Mall: Maymay fashion handbag with 49 cash on delivery but also free shipping! Buy Meimei bag, go to mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty to share

we see that this beautiful mall is basically the same location and wheat bags, are selling handbags, but as a selling bags of e-commerce site, you almost hard to find a valuable index keywords as their title. But you can’t put the bags up two words optimization in the short term, after all the years of accumulation in the super wheat bags. It is the first bag of two words, do not value, index of more than 1000 do not say, and half of the mean girls in the bag after 90 soso. The fashion index is only more than 100, but the promotion of ten, value is very low. How to do, can’t buy direct promotion, advertising, not many people play it, so leveraging keyword comes in handy.

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