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love Shanghai sharing is a website to help users to increase the social web content function of a simple tool to share, love Shanghai share in the Lee team information >



in the past, the user demand is to find some useful information on the Internet, and now the user is not only able to find valuable information, but also the shortest time out of the most valuable information, users want to get to choose in the search process. Especially after the rise of social media, more and more users to participate in the search of the selection, evaluation, sharing, praise, etc. are reproduced spewing out, and these are through the search platform to stimulate and influence other potential users, even a lot of behavior needs sharing and social comment form.

impact site key factors in love Shanghai ranked summary released, 360 to my search, and then continue to adjust the reputation of the Shanghai love comes, love and love the sea station Shanghai algorithm Changsha dragon LEE team on the new era of search engine report and a series of industry information, social media for the website Shanghai Longfeng rankings influence is growing rapidly, which is Web2.0 times user participation in the Shanghai dragon, is no longer the chain determines the website ranking, is no longer the user can only passively accept, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix has diversified development, the era of the WEB2.0 users are also involved in the site selection. The webmaster now than in catering to the search engine, rather than to meet user.

this is a great social response factors for the website ranking effect. Good rankings are those with good social repercussions, more Internet users favor website. WEB2.0 is the user needs to reflect the social behavior, which is the Shanghai dragon.

traditional hyperlink to vote for users to vote change

Web1.0 era, content is the website editor, the vote is also carried out on the site, the traditional search engine to the website to vote as the basis, establish the weight system based on hyperlink analysis. The Web2.0 era, the main content creation began to change for users to vote form extension for sharing, evaluation, grading and other forms, with a single user for the size of voting, can better reflect the value of the site, this information will be used to judge the search engine web content value. Now the user is no longer content makers have become spectators, the content and recommendations, many sites have posted comments, questions, exchange, and use of social commentary and recommendation, allowing users to participate in sharing.

not only that, the search engine search results page appears more social media content, micro-blog content, the latest news, more and more appear in the ranking page.

social media user behavior to participate in the search

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social media sharing to promote

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