SEM data analysis and optimization of core operation means share tips


1, the entire account control, this is very important, a train locomotive is very important, is to grasp the whole account and the direction of optimization, the optimization is the first account account set up body setting operation of each point is in place, followed by the accounts of the budget is to cooperate with the efforts to put the account or enterprise according to the

SEM data analysis mainly analyzes what



2, implementation strategies, here we focus on keyword mining, TBEA is very important mining value on keyword mining is not the more the better, but by some techniques of techniques and methods of collection and analysis of key words is of value to the user or to cooperate with the customer about the needs of our question answering

] statistical data template ] data analysis.What are the core of core data analysis work


general data

second, a week is divided into departments, project analysis and other key to optimize and adjust! Generally include: weekly, creative analysis, landing page >


SEM is the core work in general as shown above,

3, setup and optimization strategy, this we can direct a map, every step of the setting must be in place;

first, the daily needs of statistical analysis of data including: channel, consumer clicks, access keywords transformation, qualifying and matching;



first, a data analysis of the core mind map (this chart for reference only):




core data analysis implementation strategy ! I hope useful for everyone! ;Keywords


data analysis is a necessary technical ability for a lot of SEMer, but many in the bidding friends but a little far fetched, because the data analysis needs a lot! Such as the data mining capabilities, market insight, data analysis ability, data adjustment strategy decision executive ability from below! From the media: "Internet operators for everyone dry cargo" Lu Yongguo of

] account background settings




let’s picture show us

through the mind map we can see a SEM data optimization and executives are set or the first data to drive the optimization adjustment strategy, one can see the data set, and optimization is one of the

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