The analysis engine rankings affect the search behavior of users

pop-up rate, access time, access the index page number of these sites reflect milk degree, also can be the toolbar records. Pop up rate is low, the longer residence time, visit the page number, indicating the site user experience better, may have a positive impact on the ranking.


this is the most direct factor, the error is greatest. Especially the Alexa rankings, because the sample distribution is not uniform, and easy to cheat, and website real traffic often varies greatly. But the site overall flow in a certain extent after all that the popularity of websites.

web page by clicking on the proportion in the search results. Although the click rate is mainly determined by the ranking has decided, but due to popularity, user experience, Title Difference in writing site, some pages may also be ranked, but has a higher click rate. All the search engines search results record hit, found some pages more than in the top should have an average click rate, may think that these pages more useful to the user, thus giving a higher ranking.

users after the first search, click on a web site, may not have found useful answer. Click the "back" button again to search engine search results page bow}, click on another website to find help for their results. This behavior may affect the site’s ranking two.

1. and Alexa

whether it is new or old users users a user repeatedly return to visit the same website, this website is very useful, should be given a better ranking. For example, the user itself is which expert in the field, he may also have the effect to visit the website ranking.

4. user characteristics

if a brand name or domain name itself by many users search, the brand’s official website the user is likely to be looking for the website ranking may be increased accordingly. For example, in Shanghai Longfeng area, "stone interaction" with brand effect. Although the search " Shanghai dragon " when the stone website ranking is not the first, but there are a lot of people directly search "stone" or "stone", interactive, will also affect the site ranking point. We can see that the "stone interaction" front page in the title of no "Shanghai dragon " the word, but the search for" Shanghai dragon "row"

repeat search and click on the appropriate

ranking web site traffic

3. website Bo

2. hits

6. brand name search

this is the so-called "clicks" rankings sometimes have the effect on the website, especially for the love of Shanghai. But a lot of people will find the clicks, boost ranking effect does not last through the simulation click, click rate that is likely to be ranked one of the factors, but the search engines also have preventive measures.

can affect the ranking of the user behavior are as follows.

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