Shanghai dragon space are compressed Shanghai Longfeng enterprises and practitioners on how to deal

from a few years since June, we can see the love Shanghai algorithm is continuously updated, constant reports of the site is K, a site innocent, as a member of the Shanghai dragon army practitioners also feel this year Shanghai dragon industry space is being compressed. Previously heard of the ZAC interview with Albert on the court, he proposed the present stage Shanghai Longfeng needs more refinement, more professional. We see the construction of many domestic Shanghai Longfeng general practitioners or stay in the chain. With space narrowing, as Shanghai Longfeng enterprises and ordinary Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, how to adapt to this change? How to avoid being eliminated because of the narrow space and Shanghai dragon? The author based in Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon enterprise practitioners to share their views points.

1: radiation Shanghai dragon service project, refined Shanghai dragon service

to Shanghai Dragon Enterprise

2, the integration of network marketing channel

as ZAC mentioned Shanghai dragon needs refinement and specialization, but also for Shanghai Longfeng enterprises. As Shanghai Longfeng enterprises can the traditional Shanghai Longfeng refinement for keyword optimization ranking service, website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, soft services, the construction of the chain and so on. For example: to provide soft service for the enterprise, help enterprise website content update, generally the words on the five hundred or six hundred words, of course, we can also put it into different packages. The development of Shanghai dragon tools is also a good choice, as Shanghai dragon enterprise itself has a lot of related human resources in Shanghai dragon. These resources will be the integration of Shanghai dragon tools must have a good market.

this month love Shanghai algorithm update may impact to the maximum number of smaller Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, these small Shanghai Longfeng enterprises not only face the search engine algorithm to update the blow, but also to face keywords optimization of Shanghai Longfeng only rely on traditional has been difficult to survive. I have a Shanghai Longfeng enterprises when the customer supervisor friend told the author, keywords now customers for Shanghai Longfeng requirements are no longer just satisfied with the site’s ranking, but more realistic cost and conversion rate of Shanghai dragon. As the Shanghai dragon company only has extended its business scope to own in the Shanghai dragon in a way out of dilemma. This business can be extended to provide customers with virtual hosting, website construction and optimization tool development etc.. We can be divided into two parts.

as the Shanghai dragon enterprise no matter what we provide is not what Shanghai Longfeng service, customers certainly can only wait for death. However, how to through the Shanghai dragon to help our customers profit, this is the fundamental needs of customers, customers have site traffic, but no orders and enquiries, there is no value to the customer. The integration of network marketing channel is the use of a variety of network marketing and media to achieve the goal.

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