The quality of the user experience should learn to make friends with the user

user thinking

thinking is rational, different sites are different in thinking in the continuous development and expansion, and to further thinking, first after the user enters the site is to get what I can in the website, and the second thing is to think about the user’s website content in the end whether accord with his own therefore, as a webmaster must stand in the user’s point of view on our website content in the footsteps and keep the user how to let users second times website? This requires website value, create more value to meet the needs of users, this is the two sides can be used as a friend the core.

user on the site they want to do, that is obtained from the website of resources into their own things, but as a webmaster must stand in the user’s point of view to help them do this thing, why now the site has set up a website customer service, to speak it because the site owners will need user resources into actual power, to help users make their self >

mentioned the user experience many of my friends in the quality of the user experience in the end is how to build it? Now many website user experience is very general, not to hate users also not let users rest assured, it can be said now the user experience is all about the interests of its website, once the site of interest and the user experience of the interests of the conflict, then 80% of the station will be in our interests as the core, to give up the user experience, which violates the purpose.


What is the

user to enter the site to the user to enter the site to? No doubt is how to obtain useful knowledge from the website or get valuable things on the site, as a webmaster must stand in the user’s point of view to create user value in the website. We should all know the site hao123 growth, this website in that it is screwed up another industry, and this site to the success of the most important core is to think of the users want to have a simple navigation website as long as there is a little technical webmaster can do it, but why not do it, this is because the owners do not have the user as a friend, do not stand in the user’s point of view to the problem.

users want to

What is the ?

to do a good job in the user experience of the website is not difficult, we have a lot of friends in real life, and our friends is that we do a major channel of user experience, give a very simple example: when in reality you and your friend’s interests conflict. What would you do? I believe most people take a middle way, not only damage their own interests and not to hurt the feelings of friends, and we want to do the website user experience must also firmly rely on this point, the user as their friends, so as a webmaster how to make friends with the user to

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