The interpretation of love Shanghai mobile search algorithm for ice bucket

through the point above we can see that some time ago just released a white paper already contains all the so-called bucket algorithm, people think that there is no need to publish such a thing, even if it is to release also posted something with mobile search features. > and

this is our website to see about the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially released " love Shanghai mobile search bucket algorithm " the article, I learned that yesterday, August 22nd is the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the information, see this message, love Shanghai official special short, but still contains a lot of information.

1, Shanghai love search business more and more segments.

the article is concentrated following "of mobile search will conduct a series of adjustments for low quality sites and pages, the algorithm called the bucket algorithm, mainly for forced pop normal user browsing experience app page downloading, user login, a large area of advertising effects, especially have to download the app to the normal use of the site. For app, you must download must login before the normal use of the resource ordering will decline." Yes! Is actually the above contents, the main meaning of love Shanghai official to give many webmasters to convey the above is a piece of information. So we can dig out what information from


was the first to love Shanghai official platform text posted it: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/313

you may find love carefully, before Shanghai Webmaster Platform release information, in the title of the article behind the signature is either not, or is the unity of "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform"; and in the release of the notice below the title "love Shanghai mobile search quality control team". This can also see that love Shanghai in the search business will be further subdivided, such as possible before we will put the search business classification love Shanghai natural search and search for the bidding, auction search love Shanghai has its famous phoenix nest system. But now whether it is natural or search for search the sea will make further subdivision of love, for example, can be divided into natural search in the traditional PC side search and mobile search, and these have different classification and segmentation.

in the ice bucket algorithm mentioned in the content if corresponds to a previously released "love the sea" quality white paper ", which is corresponding to the" browse experience "and" accessibility ", is not to the immediate interests of embedded in a web page too serious impact on user browsing advertising, such as display advertising. Especially the kind of pop and click to download the lure. The other is not to set up a lot of website permissions, increase users access cost.

2, the main still obey the love sea "quality white paper recently released".


3, Webmaster Platform love Shanghai which is in the marketing of

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