Zhan Chenghong analysis of Shanghai Longfeng link building

has done a lot of garbage station friends would find some page content quality is not very high, but because the link relationship to get a good ranking, (such as a station. My Shanghai Kakichi express 贵族宝贝jiajicn贵族宝贝 Shanghai www.shdb.org Shanghai 贵族宝贝 logistics) love the performance of search results is also very good so, everyone agreed that if considering the side effect and not pay too much attention to content can be done through the chain to achieve results in a short period of time, in fact, here I personally agree, of course is not all, after all links are behind the content of.

er said Shanghai dragon "content is king, link for". The content of needless to say, then the specific effects of link there? "Noble baby bomb phenomenon" repeatedly shown the chain occupy up to 60% – 70% position in Shanghai Longfeng, far higher than the importance of internal optimization. Thus, the chain of critical importance in Shanghai dragon in the chain, not enough, the station you want to get a good ranking that is not realistic.

one of my friends said mouchangqing (28, founder of Wikipedia, the famous network marketing experts) had a 5000 chain record, of course I have no confirmation here is true, but what we have here is a stick". The chain in which specific website forum community quite good results, Shanghai dragon ER was still a few, just name a few, like Shanghai know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai library encyclopedia and so on their own products to the community, these are also the typical love Shanghai. We say that the effect is good, the difficulty is inevitable, of course, Zac said the more difficult it is, the higher the value. It also reflects a chain of "persistence, perseverance", as long as your heart, "

dear friends, in Shanghai Longfeng industry for more than a year, the first contact with the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimazition) now has been doing this for my work every day to sour, sweet, bitter, hot, competitor analysis of the chain source, do link work unremittingly. Today on the "link" to talk about the recent period of experience, and novice communication with master learning.

defines the importance of links, internal website optimization under the condition of no problem, then the do is make the link building work. Now a lot of friends online to talk about the most important link in the construction of factors and some methods of problem here, I think the key point is not in the construction of the chain and what method, key factors "," persistence "is the kingly way. Many methods can be summed up, but the real final good or a few friends. Observation of this period of time, found the true intentions of the people who do this work is not much, of course, done friend must be familiar with. So there is a very good result, harvest.

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