Using 301 redirect 404 error into the site outside the chain


here, we can be the 404 error page as the old URL, the site exists on the page as the new URL. Take the case of URL, that is:

, caused by the "link to your website domain in the URL error. To view the Webmaster Tool in a series of 404 tips, we can be sure that the URL is not due to write errors caused by the other sites, but deliberately generate interference caused by letters or numbers.


301 redirect 404>

Here we need to use the

through 301 ways, originally to the URL:

we create high quality content, always meet acquisition or transfer but not the copyright information. What is worse, some acquisition or reproduced website, in order to prevent the outflow of the weight of their own website, in the normal random URL if some letters and numbers, leading to the site spider crawling along the link, the formation of 404 corresponding. From the chart we can see:



3, the rational use of technology, get their own things (as of this writing content)

The principle of

will not exist to malicious URL pages (produced 404 error):

, a spider in the wrong URL access to each other’s website (in this case the suffix GFQ URL), will be redirected to the URL page right. In order to help us to reply the weight transfer function.


is a 301 redirect. Shanghai Longfeng people know, 301 permanent redirect means, while the weight old URL passed to the new URL.

encountered such a situation, we can take measures to:

301 404 redirect to the chain

1, like Shanghai and Google report (the effect is not good, and loss of RP)

said the 404 error is not here within the site of the 404, but due to the spider crawling error error URL to this station outside of the chain, the formation of 404 corresponding code. Is the 404 page 301 page can be turned to normal access we should take, make the weight can get normal transmission.

2, pretend not to see, no matter what happens (the mood will be affected by the

This error is 404


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