To improve the user experience is king

this enterprise to lay a good reputation is very useful, no matter who is right and who is wrong, the customer service to help customers solve problems. Don’t take responsibility to the customers who push, pay attention to the cultivation of the importance of repeat.

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5) customer service should be in place

See the

is the first to visit a site map, help visitors structure on our website have a general understanding; secondly, is the use of bread crumbs, is here to clearly know where you, not lost the direction; then the anchor text is website page to keywords related products or article, convenient for visitors to read related products or articles, but also improve the website of all degrees.

2) website page should be concise, organized

is easy to contact the customer orders, the freight is clear, how is that privacy regulations are clear, the payment process should be simple, safe, fast delivery to customer service; to respond promptly to visitors, the English station is special should pay attention to. Now, with the accelerated pace of life, everyone’s time is precious, no one waiting for love.

) 1 links should be reasonable, to clear

industry insiders have always stressed that the user experience is important, Shanghai dragon is just a tool, the ultimate goal is the conversion rate and the rate of return. Here the Keke of several methods for improving the user experience:

3) comment to the real

is the first to deal with the problem of the picture, must be clear, if you can picture the best art, try not to add watermark, visual effects, as well as pictures to compress, if you have to wait a long time to open the picture, visitors would have gone. The second is the description of the goods or the content of the best point list, which is organized at the visitors know. Can be better illustrated.

4) noticed some details of

whether the comment is good or bad, to be realistic, do not resort to deceit. Don’t see the bad comments on the cut, this is a reference for users. And see the bad comments, that your goods or articles may be defective, but also further improved. If you have the strength, can also give them some reward, as long as they are right. According to the survey, stay true comment is not to reduce the conversion rate, unless the goods or your point of view is too poor. To achieve interactive communication.

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