The unstable space is caused by the first element of the K


diagram of the timed out said no connection is successful, it means that the site can not normally access. Because we test the web space access speed and connectivity, PING code is the most easy to learn. But there is such a result that the site can not be opened, so that the user can open the web site, of course, can not enter the site spider crawling, thus making the site no longer pull into the spider crawling list ranks before natural indexed pages will slowly get rid of delete, according to my observation, the website cannot open more than three days, the website page will be deleted, and delete all that is, we often say that the site was K.


so, in the website optimization process, even if the space is not stable, so I suggest that you don’t do, because you optimization again good, promotion efforts are of no use, and users are unable to enter the site where the spider to flow "



look at the PING domain name shows the connection time. Figure:

Site. No

snapshot query tool

in the process of Web site optimization, many factors will make the website on the K on the road, the space is the most important for the one, because the essence of space itself is carrying the normal operation of the site, if the space are not open, what is the normal operation on the site so? Is in the process of K, the other to its reason, most of them are in space on the issue, if you carefully check, you will find some space during the normal operation, but in the evening morning when they found not open. I have encountered this situation, in this space, but many webmaster do not know. Although the content is on website by factors of K, but relatively speaking, space is one of the most obvious characteristics. The site is K the first element is the issue of space, today the author personal experience to talk about why space causes the site to be K.

can be seen from the above two steps, the site has been K, because even the snapshots are not, but the original included are deleted, this fact can be seen by Figure 2, the biggest culprit is the space is not stable. Before this, the fact that the site has been showing a week of indirect open two times, and even worse is the space during the day, the normal visit, at the wee hours of the morning is actually unable to access, we all know the spider crawling time is the most frequent night morning 1 points to 3 points between this period of time, but can not open it, then let the spider to eat cold-shoulder treatment, so that the space is that site is primary factor K.



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