Analysis Baidu why angry you made it

4.PR: Shanghai PR fell love suddenly dropped, this is the site to drop right early warning. Although the official has said Shanghai love love Shanghai PR without this kind of thing, but love Shanghai PR is there, this is our webmaster to our web site to set the label, general website PR is higher, weight is higher site.

1. site structure. The website was revised, which includes: to change the site TAG tag site change frame overhaul, replacement of the website, love Shanghai will feel your site is not stable, not reliable, cause right down.

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two, Baidu angry reason


3. the web server is not stable. The web server is not stable, not only affect the user experience, but also affect the efficiency of the spider crawling love Shanghai. The spider crawling to your site, into your website now, naturally love on your web site evaluation in Shanghai.

3.: site content is included to reduce our website, originally love Shanghai contains many websites, but now less fell by half.


4. web site keywords accumulation. In general a web site in the keyword density: 2% = density is less than or equal to 8% is appropriate, but also has little effect on the density of 15%. If your site keyword density reached above 20%, then you have to be careful, this may be a potential risk of your site right down.

2. low quality web content. The content of the website is a major part of the website, if the content of collection sites a lot of non original articles, independent of the main content of the article quality is not high or the release of a large number of articles with the website, will naturally be love Shanghai right down.

"Baidu abuse me thousands of times, I stayed Baidu as first love." This sentence can be said to be Shanghai dragon circles the pet phrase. Whether you are a novice or Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and Phoenix veteran, has to be faced. The web site is down right, ranking drop. It can be said that the site is down right, ranking drop is Shanghai dragon circles homely food. Generally speaking, Shanghai Longfeng novice because of lack of experience Baidu easy to get angry, and veteran Shanghai Longfeng is often taken because of negligence or irregularities caused Baidu angry. No matter what is the cause of Baidu angry, we all want to calm mind. Today Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ will tell you something about what we’ve done what caused Baidu angry.

1. web page is love Shanghai mask: site our website, the website homepage is not in.

, a Baidu angry

: a 2. decline in ranking of the web site keywords have been ranked in the home, suddenly one or two days ranking disappeared, but two days after the ranking again, it is false right down. If the site ranked more than a week time is gone, it is right to be reduced.

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