Fish a few tips on the snapshot of the love of Shanghai


two: the website update rate is very important in

The importance of chain is also importantThe flat

three: within a reasonable amount of

four: friendship connection is more important

when it comes to love Shanghai snapshot, I believe that many owners are aware of its importance. First, a deeply love Shanghai "love" love Shanghai website snapshot is one of the standard, and love Shanghai snapshot what effect? The first love Shanghai snapshot it shows your site every day there will be love Shanghai spiders to climb one or more times, second of your published content may love is the second Shanghai, third love Shanghai may give the snapshot site a very good position. Well, said so much about love Shanghai snapshot of the significance and role, that today we talk about how to make your site in Shanghai every day to take snapshots of love. Nonsense not say, directly on the


: a site outside the chain of quality is very important

website has a strong chain, update the content reasonably, also the shortcomings of what, oh, of course is within a reasonable amount of chain! To do within the chain, webmasters don’t do too much in a chain, the number of the best control in about 3, too much love will be Shanghai suspected of cheating, too little also suck, so fish advice is less than 3


recently found that many novice Adsense will go to buy some inferior the chain (black chain), there is a chain group, in fact it is not a good site, and very easy to be found in Shanghai and then suffered fatal disaster to love. Want to let love Shanghai the next day, we not only want to win in the number of the chain, but also to win in the quality of the chain, the chain of a high quality website to your website, than the N junk blog chain is much more powerful, and the chain site need to get there to find it in fact, very simple, A5 is a good place, ha ha.

friendship connection it is higher than the ordinary weight chain generation, a good friendship connection to the site can bring a good ranking while the snapshot can also update the next day. But in exchange friendship connection must be gradual, not a day too much, I said many times that number never defeat but the quality, the number of connected web page the best control in less than 30, the other is placed within the page on the line, also remember that often view the connection, the connection is deleted or avoid friends station is K.

give up love Shanghai snapshot of the fact there are many, in this paper, it is up to.

imagine if you three days fishing nets two days of drying to update the content of your website, love Shanghai will often send a spider to climb up to your site, not a spider to climb, you can do the snapshot? Of course not. It is time to update the site number and the content is also very important, but do not collect, at least you have to modify some title, or even if you update daily more futile.


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