Love Shanghai 6 22 and 6 28 events webmaster back but still need to reflect on

malicious click industry are: medical, beauty, real estate, school, education, industry, these belong to high profit industry, if love Shanghai does not take appropriate methods like this, it is bound to be the loss of more customers bid, love Shanghai stock is also affected by this hit





this love Shanghai event is also on the Internet to do a clean-up, provide high quality results for users; to ensure the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem; should support, but the webmaster need to reflect on how to love Shanghai, provide real value to the content to the customer, whether it is love or Shanghai personal webmaster, once meet can the needs of customers, to provide customers with real value can not, how can go far. This paper consists of www.bjwgg贵族宝贝 fryer original reproduced please specify the link, thank you.


fell -3.95%

picture of the dialogue is not PS, it is true, love Shanghai official said "in our assessment, this upgrade will affect 5% of the search traffic, the measures have been effective," we in various forums, QQ group, network owners will be able to see this information, search volume 5%, already so many webmaster lying down on the ground, stand up and take a long time.



as time push long, malicious click love Shanghai bidding of more and more, it has been composed of 10W owners to participate in the matter, to arouse the attention and love of Shanghai at the cost price, this is this morning and a stationmaster chats.

love Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28 events, perhaps this year let the most profound memories of the year, has happened, the owners need to calm, calm, accept a new love in Shanghai, which are a part of the webmaster has taken some unwise, as shown in figure

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