Look at the details of the normal Shanghai Longfeng method

update site

recently when exchanging Links, met a very interesting webmaster, he claimed to be new, but his website in less than 3 months, get a lot of keywords ranking, makes me wonder I can admire the heart.

if you put aside the time no see, just look at the data, not good. However, if the data is completed in just 2 months time, also can not outstanding. So I carefully analyzed his website, found that in fact there is not much skill, is nothing more than those of conventional methods: Shanghai dragon

, update, Links and other outside the chain, is not always in an orderly and regularly do

two, Links

, a

it Links quality is not high, rankings are very general, but the snapshots are relatively new, and constantly increase in the.

The actual

first, we look at some of the basic information of the station. The basic situation:


he every day five to ten article update and recommend to the home page, each column alternation, pseudo original.

The stability of

two title, the structure of the site, these are often

analysis of the site outside the chain of love in Shanghai I found that the webmaster for the chain, really made an effort, to ensure a number of advantages must be first, and then is extensive, then is the time to control every day, need to ensure that the construction of the chain number.

website on-line age: 2011.9.17-2011.12.7

three, the other chain


Links: 23

I think this is very important, any one link, if not stable or disrupted, may affect the site’s weight and ranking. So, the three links with the unity and the stability of.

his site from the site to now, the structure has never done a big change, has long maintained a style, including each article page style. Perhaps, some people will say, my station is also updated every day, there are Links exchange, but also continue to send the chain, why long have not been ranked

four, structure

Title today, tomorrow and feel plates set unreasonable, change again, the day after tomorrow and feel not recommended in the article to the way and change, which will cause the search engine to adapt to your website, the website weight accumulation is fatal, in this I >

change? The number of

it had said that some of the details:


included with the chain:

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