Effect of the chain of revocation of Wikipedia webmaster

remember to love Shanghai also said that the chain is the most valuable chain can import the correlation flow, and the chain on Wikipedia is undoubtedly one of the most effective and recommended to the user of the chain, and open some related content, the chain is necessary, so that nofollow, though, but the value is still there, this is we need to be aware of the. In fact, they do not understand, if you love Shanghai with nofollow in order to prevent the weight of tassel, but the chain is > Encyclopedia

extended reading aside, reference nofollow for ranking, there are still some effects, but, regardless of rank, the flow of this one still can tell where, why, for example, as shown in the figure, we see that a fire is the entertainment "I am a singer"

is the Internet news, reading section has an expansion hidden away, and the original reference of this piece was also coupled with a nofollow tag, it is really love Shanghai encyclopedia have started to clean up the chain, this situation, if no effect is not possible for the owners, after all, do the chain friends in There are plenty of people who encyclopedia, do some extended reading, some reference to do, is to promote Shanghai Longfeng effect, but with the situation slowly to stationmaster influence in what


although there is no extended reading, but the reference layer is still, and because it is the reference significance of the link is more distinctive features, for the website are flow also has more value, if not extended reading, then compared with the reference data, the military will also become a hotly contested spot. For us, this is not the weight of the guidance, but in the flow of import, compared to the Shanghai encyclopedia, love has innate advantages in the first page, and a small link can bring to imagine the traffic increase, Why not?? so, if you love this operation and change of Shanghai after that, Encyclopedia has been decadent, then completely mistaken, Wikipedia still has value, flow guide or we need to make good With reference to this link, the only way to know the significance and value flow.

extended reading plate disappear, reference nofollow, bear the brunt of the chain resources we established in the encyclopedia, perhaps we are still using Wikipedia to bring those high weight of chain for himself, but has now missed the chance, if from the need of adjustment, then. The chain has been slowly away from us, after all, in the chain, the extended reading recommended role of this block basically is the largest, but with love Shanghai so adjusted, extended reading is no longer Shanghai dragon place, nofollow also makes reference lost the value chain of the original, so, in order to prevent change radically the outside of the chain, the chain this piece or to fill up the.

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