Four experience experience summary of original articles


2. paragraphs clear

1. to confirm the

paragraphs clear, an article should have several sections, a connection between paragraphs and paragraphs, is connecting. Or each paragraph can be independent, but overall throughout the central idea of the article. Some people love a little bit of writing. Where is there. Some people are very clear, can put the whole article outline enumerate good. Confirm each paragraphs Title later in the whole content of the rich, It differs from man to man. method.

writing things?

4. love Shanghai know the original

we can also go to Shanghai to find love know theme information related, webmasters know love Shanghai know the quality is good, and many industries love Shanghai know very few people to copy, the degree of repetition in the network is very low, so we can also go to relevant title the query, then take over from the new list in your own words, the middle can add >

also means that we should first find a writing topic, is to confirm the core theme of this article for example we really, this article is mainly about the original article writing experience, this is the theme, theme can be summed up the problems of a thing, but also some experience for some local work on their recent period of time, we can also be for a product or products the use of experience, after the confirmation of the theme so I believe that I would write a lot of things.

The content of

if your mind is blank, do not know what to write? Is there a method can solve this problem, we can find some new original articles in some of the better forum website or blog, many webmaster is love blog, then we are in accordance with what they write the theme and writing related content, most of the content can be as bad as they have, then interspersed their own views. From the new written by our own words. This article belongs to the original article.

3. search related topics to confirm

? ?We should write

do network promotion friends all know the benefits of the original article, the search engine is more love for the original article, saying the search engine every day at work in addition to the information needs of users quickly and accurately to the list of users outside the web page and clean up most of the things that might do is the new generation of repeated and crawling the quality is not high and the web page. So from this point we can confirm if a web site and other sites on the Internet there are a lot of different content page is the original articles of words, so this site will be search engine care, what are the web site keywords ranking is a matter, today we Qifan software and brief introduction of experience writing four experience of the original article:

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