Bidding secret training area eight shady

training is that recruit agents is real, the propaganda when making their curricula blowing more Niubi, make more money, then you can learn how much income, you need to figure out what they teach you is how to make money, by learning their lessons and make it operate the products still, learning is false, recruit agents is real.

is a web-based primer, face to face money, to tempt you to participate in the network courses to their curriculum in the network, only about the very surface, superficial things, constantly stressed what niubable technology will be explained in face-to-face class, need detailed >

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training courses to recruit agents, is not important, even the garbage Never mind, you only need to learn to help me sell course on the line, that is to say your learning content is to teach you how to sell the course, is actually similar to pyramid model, pull the head, pull a student how many percentage. It is said that you participate in their training and become their agent, after selling courses to make money.

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to participate in the training of friends do not want you to live in their own natural, high places, open luxury cars, they need is real knowledge, you are rich handsome, if they participated in your training, can not get the desired knowledge, they can’t help to solve the problems. It has much meaning of it, you have a relationship with them and what the rich, you may even rich is entirely dependent on their tuition. If by learning your course, your students are open luxury cars, that even if you are riding a bicycle, for your course participants will also Everfount


after the Spring Festival, the call of a sudden out of a lot of training to do the bidding, the case copy others copy others, just a vulgar name began to fiddle with the money, ah, ah, ah, what make the rich money ah, God, the name of Niubi banner, take some pictures of the tall the around bragging, but its not even the most basic quality of lecturers are not, I do think a lecturer, lecturer should have the basic quality of patient, knowledgeable, responsible, best can write, love study, problems of all kinds of wonderful for students need to answer, you can imagine, even the is a copy of someone else, actually remained untouched, such people engage in training in addition to money, the rest is fraught.

today I will give you the bidding training area in eight shady,

in order to show themselves do not just before a period of training, are not engaged, completely from scratch, but it will be the first training named XXX fourth began enrollment, before a few period training you have gone, do not think to participate in the training of the people are fools, it will only be myself we own digging, Jie technology is from the first phase of every little bit, step by step to the stage sixth now.

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