Forearmed precise positioning website keywords

is the earliest work site is not the choice, nor the choice of templates, but the website keyword research. This step is the fact that the overall theme website set the tone, can let you do in the maintenance process of the site. The so-called Forewarned is forearmed., do a keyword research, can make the website with the growth; conversely, if only the head into the website of a field, the result is likely to be the website keywords no one search, no traffic, or too much competition, strive for a long time did not pick up.

In fact, before the ?

blog has been mentioned how to handle the website keyword topic, further some here today. When it comes to the website keyword selection, is a relatively large and the topic, than the keyword page layout to deep, generally to do search number, and competition is less. It is clear that this principle is too idealistic, in fact a large flow of industry competition often is fierce. Can a more precise positioning of our own website which requires, such as "lose weight", its flow is very large, but also accompanied by considerable product conversion rate, but any one of the new owners in no great resources under the word clearly not will do. This case is a bit too ambitious, target keywords high profits but do not go up in fundamental, but no final profit. "The best way to lose weight a century old recipe", such a long word competition intensity is very small, the ranking is a very easy thing to do up, but nobody came to search, finally will not bring profits to the owners.

most webmaster should do is to avoid the fierce competition, as competition is not fierce but still favorable to follow words. How to judge the degree of competition of a word? Method or more, you can search for the word love in Shanghai, look at how many search results, if millions or tens of millions, so the word is very difficult, results show that tens of thousands of competition. Check the top a few pages, if the common front page is that the competition is fierce, and if a lot of results is within the page, that competition general >

in a certain industry, we can "brainstorm", the premise is that you have a certain understanding of the industry. But the site specific keywords, must be carefully considered. The first of the industry’s top keywords is very difficult, most of the owners can not be considered. So what should we do? It will be the industry’s top keyword segmentation is a good way. There are many subdivision methods, such as regional brand, etc.. In the words of Shanghai dragon as an example, the industry’s top keywords is Shanghai dragon, but the personal webmaster, who can have confidence in the above words over Cardiff, to collect and Zac? Obviously too difficult. But adding a regional word, such as the Shanghai Dragon into Shenyang Shanghai dragon, the difficulty is greatly reduced, at the same time the keyword segments after the equally impressive market, Why not?

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