Cup site internal optimization should be done just right

div+css layout and table layout less than the page code, loading speed has improved, beneficial to the spider climb take included. It can improve the efficiency of the spider crawling, efficient crawling to very good effect on the quality of the page included.

1: effect of div+css on the Shanghai dragon.


second: the influence of the Shanghai dragon directory.

Production method of

maintain visual consistency is div+css. The relative table nested production method, makes the page and page, showing the effect of deviation between region and region. The method of making div+css is for all the pages and regional control with a unified CSS file, you can avoid deviation display effect.

Hello, I am Guangzhou Shanghai dragon cup, I shared a "conventional" love Shanghai case deleted snapshot yesterday, so today I will aim at div+css and table, for the site structure for which the influence of Shanghai dragon. A good website structure and is conducive to your search engine crawl, the search engine is friendly, so what is a good site structure? I believe many people know is div+css layout, but the internal structure is div too much is not conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon, is a spider to continue to search the deep structure of the code, said the following website structure should pay attention to what the problem:

(2) to improve the efficiency of code.

directory for Shanghai Dragon into the directory level and directory file name. Under the first level directory, search engine from the root directory in >

(3) to maintain visual consistency.


(1) code simplification.

can do, using div+css to design the website is for websites by Shanghai dragon thought. The so-called Shanghai dragon thought architecture website refers to build websites with search engine concept, structure of the website in search engine friendly architecture. This is why we have always said that a website of Shanghai dragon from the start of construction site. The search engine is from top to bottom, from left to right to access the site information, and the search engine access code. So we say that the key content in the page’s position is particularly important. The correct layout for the spider to grab and included, keywords ranking is very favorable. The following is the three benefit of using div+css to design website.

An important advantage of

using div+css, the modifications of the code only to find the corresponding ID CSS, the modified page is more convenient, will not damage other parts of the page layout style. There are notes code is necessary, one is the adjustment of the code two is easy to understand the key content of the position.

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