Go out the pseudo original webmaster success more difficult

March 6th, A5 issued a document editor "Tang Shijun: why would the original webmaster, more likely to be successful?", which view, search engines love the one and only original content; and, to the original webmaster, must also be good at thinking summary, but also good at practical experience. The original content can be search engine and browsing more and more popular and has been a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, if there is no further discussion, but this point of view, is nothing new. But this fresh is that they think can adhere to the original owners, the more thoughtful summary and actual temper. I also borrow editing ideas, a deep thinking and the "adhere to the original, experience more achievements of self value", further analyzes.

reverse thinking, can we think, not the original webmaster, more rough road to success? Or one step further, no original but often false original to deceive deceived users and search engines, are not less likely to succeed? At least I think so, relative to the original quality, not the original silence frank, pseudo original for search engine and users is a phony. But this deception is not respect for the original author of labor, built on the sacrifice of the interests of others. Why not the original webmaster, or only pseudo original webmaster success is not easy to

if the copy and paste, or make only superficial changes to adjust the paragraph order, you can easily obtain by search engine. Such false original cheating, to adhere to the original insist on quality of website construction and website optimization personnel, is undoubtedly a kind of injustice and damage. The search for >

, the Internet era, leveraging search engines can succeed more easily

search engine, will lose at least site traffic, more than 90% Internet era, learn to share the Internet to more successful. Learn the original, adhere to the quality and content of the one and only to enrich website, website optimization is the only way which must be passed successfully. Only high-quality content in order to win the trust of the search engine, only keep on writing attentively, can gradually improve website weight. As a webmaster, if not original, if not have started the original, so please try to immediately start from now,

No !

two, I must go out the pseudo original, gray circle mentality


removed from the Internet, especially in website construction and personnel web site optimization, must have a deep feeling of the original charm. Original content rich web site, users will not only give visitors leave a good impression, and will slowly get love search engine. The notion that Shanghai reflects the greatest value of the Dragon ER, not to professional website construction or site optimization work. But aware of mastery of this technology, no matter what the industry will have some more opportunities than competitors around. Then learn the original, the original intention, adhere to the original, is the essential skills for a qualified person to optimize.

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