Don’t overdo the best natural and reasonable website optimization

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How to optimize the site appropriate

first said the excessive optimization to bring us what

said, you have to.

1, excessive optimization chain, usually it will increase the burden on our work, daily published a large number of the chain, we consume a lot of energy and time, not only has no effect, and easily counterproductive.


2, over optimized content, such as the accumulation of a large number of keywords in the content, insert keywords unnatural, content page keywords derived a hyperlink, not only is easy to search engine cheating caused by K, while greatly reducing the user experience.

3, in order to obtain more data collection, a large collection of content, easily causing the site to drop right.

In addition

took his own it, the beginning is always very anxious, is to let the website ranking, included what the early on, and increase the intensity of the optimization, the link number, as long as the link place, website ranking does not go on, just think it is not what is local website no set of? Then change the title, change the meta tag, adjust the page layout and so on. In fact, the ranking has been not to go, the weight of the website has been good. Master who can see that the basic problem here is the mentality of impatience, improper optimization. At the same time, it is also a novice often make mistakes under the main talk about how to avoid excessive optimization.

4, hidden keywords, meta tags, title tags in the accumulation of keywords, the user does not appear in the search engine looks more natural and unnatural.

personal webmaster website is not so much visibility, day hundreds of the chain is not true. Several to dozens of enough, look at the quality. Not in a few days to do what the chain a number, the number that accumulated slowly over time.

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chain is not in the number of quality. If you can not understand this, then it may lead to such results: the hair of the chain has no effect, and increase the number of chain. In fact, this time more outside the chain effect is very little. If the construction of the chain for a period of time (about a month) is still not what effect, you have to see is the quality of the chain is not so. The high weight of the chain a day is enough. At the same time, the construction of the chain of attention span, not density. It is the breadth of the chain. Summed up in one sentence: to the different weights of the high site chain amount.

excessive optimization shows mentality is not calm, anxious, or have opportunistic luck, but the results are often counterproductive, more and more intelligent search engine, don’t cheat it, even cheat the moment, cheat life, their melons will eat it yourself. Don’t overdo the appropriate optimization.

5, over other optimizations.

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