No technical webmaster Wangzhuan experienceDetailed description of website profit model

started renting space, using domain names, and the money I spent was willing to go to big, regular websites to buy, because I knew it was the foundation of the rankings after the website. The next thing is to repeat what you’ve done in the company. One or two months >

at that time I went to this company is a professional enterprise to help build the station, but also through their own team to build some stations to earn advertising revenue. These two incomes support the team of almost ten people. Because we do not understand anything, so my role in the building after they complete a station, alone in the web site to collect content, and then some pseudo original, and finally sent out. It may seem like a simple job, but it’s the most basic job in SEO. This part of the work determines the stability of a keyword ranking after a web site is included.

this part of the work done a week later, the director let me go to write a soft text, publish some blog, in BBS add some outside chain. This is a very annoying job, but the weight of the website is very important.

I’m a college student, and like many college students, we have free time to spend the rest of the day in addition to the time required for the course. And I this is restless, so from the first grade to college I have been doing some part-time. In the summer vacation of 09 years, I looked for part-time job again. At that time, our school’s BBS saw a trick of network management information. I have been looking forward to the development of this website. Although I am not familiar with the website’s production and maintenance, I still went to that company to apply for it. I don’t know if the company is really short of people, or he took a fancy to our school. He still took me into the company.

                website is how to profit? How many good profits? If I want to operate a website how to find profit? I am suitable for what kind of website? I believe this problem is one of many website operators or interested in the website operation of friends concerned about the profit in some way below, I have learned to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you. Profit model
A: online advertising website
emerging online short video website, through the video load before and after waiting time play advertisers online advertising. Typical example:
three website: Sales of products through the website of
typical example: Taobao, eBay C2C online auction, a commission from the successful transaction.
Excellence www.joyo, Dangdang www.dangdang, B2C flowers usually B2C online retail.

after a month, my station keyword became shlf1314 second, when the flow is 3000IP/d. I left the company and got 2000 yuan for two months. It was a small amount of money, but I learned a lot from this company. Back to school, I want to make my own website, because there are still a lot of free time in school, my own major is e-commerce. I didn’t study professionally, so I was still a blank sheet of paper. So I ran a small station myself.

that’s it. I found some ads on my website. I asked the supervisor to know that this was my stop, and the traffic was already 1000 IP. And after this number, you can probably see some advertising. I didn’t expect that I could maintain a website alone so much traffic could be mentioned. I see some people in the forum say they can’t get the traffic for half a year.

just started learning, I do not understand anything, domain name, virtual host, CMS and so on, I do not understand things. But my supervisor was patient enough to teach me everything. Here, I would like to say that the supervisor is patient enough to teach me where to learn and what to learn. Therefore, I can also in the webmaster BBS mixed for half a year.

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