Understand 2010 adbux secretHow does individual stationmaster earn life cost through small website

: "money is not everything, but without money, you can never do it.". Every webmaster has his own dream, and he hopes he can come out in the world one day. But many people gave up early because of lack of capital. For still struggling webmaster, might as well make some time to build a few such sites, although not earn big money, but the cost of living can still be met. >

now my students every day in the field of their products, the knowledge used to combat all in, do not understand the problems encountered in actual combat, the most important is combined with the operation of the project, looking at their income increase, more motivation to learn. Have more learning initiative.

if you’re not making money on the Internet or making less money, then I suggest you quickly find a product station and start practicing and work with your website. This effect will be 4 times better than before. Recommend you a web site, you can go to try www.m928. You don’t need too much money, choose one of them. Now you know fewer people, you can try it,


the reason why many people do not make money is that they are fooling around on the Internet every day. Take a look at this and see how it works. Will be a website, know SEO. But they don’t translate these technologies into money. There are many tutorials in the computer, but they have never been studied carefully. Every day they do what want to do? What? Think or do not know what to sell. Do not have a project that can operate in the course of time to develop a lazy habits, habits do not analyze the profit model, used every day on the Internet is not blind to begin to operate a is eight by the project.

the reason is very simple, some muffled voice, earn a lot of money owners have already had a definite goal,. They know what they should do, how to do it, and work hard every day to fight for their dreams. And quick thinking, strong market insight. Know what has a market and what doesn’t have a market. So choose the right products and services. Then there are marketing tools and strategies.

now more and more personal webmaster, so many webmaster busy all day for what, I think most people will answer: "make money.". So, do you make much money? I’m afraid there are very few people who are satisfied with it. China’s Internet has not yet been fully developed, and many problems remain to be solved. All kinds of difficulties and contradictions make the individuals who do not have much capital suffer too much pressure. In particular, the economy is particularly urgent and helpless.

, for example, I have a dedicated latex pillow site, the line to sh419 home almost no effort, the day IP only dozens. But these dozens of IP a day, but I can easily earn tens of dollars. Some webmaster may say, a day to earn dozens of pieces, too little. I admit this kind of income is really meager, but it’s easy to copy such a simple website. Therefore, I established a station group, and at the same time do dozens of commodities long tail keywords, stick to it, every day the income is very impressive.

There is a popular saying in

network development today, is no longer simply the flow of the king of the times, I believe that the directional flow is the most valuable IP. At present, search engines have become the main gateway for people to enter the Internet world, especially for consumers who want to shop or find products. This part of the crowd to obtain information is the main way to open the search engine, enter the keywords you need, and then open the relevant web site.

personal webmaster has a lot of Laoniao monthly income of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of master many. They do very successful, why most of the grassroots webmaster now can only maintain life every month, and even some people directly give up the network, has lost confidence in the network?

I’ve always thought it’s easy to make money on the Internet. First of all, you have your own product or service. Then with your project learning, daily on your product or service station station, so that the learning efficiency will be very high, what SEO, soft Wen promotion, blog marketing, this and that, that, in practice, have to learn.

because this kind of Internet users in search of very targeted products, so they input are basically some long tail keywords. Webmaster familiar with the network all know, many websites for their own image or other reasons, to the name of the site are more concise, and for long tail keywords is usually just as a content optimization to treat. That being the case, I would do it the opposite way and use the long tail keyword as the name of the website. Such a site because there is no competition, through a certain optimization, it is easy to row to the top three search results. Although every day brings IP may not even three figures can not reach, but it is very valuable directional flow.

as far as I know, many individuals are full-time station owners. This means that if they do not earn their income through the Internet, these friends are likely to work hungry. But a good website to develop and achieve long-term profitability of the state is one or two days, in the long wait and efforts, personal webmaster should be how to solve their economic problems? I have to share my money strategy.

if you are now earning $10000 a month, then close this page. If you make money online, you don’t even have enough to eat. Then read on, please.

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