We always talk about nternet thinking do we really understand2010 five Golden Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

second, the strength of stationmaster began to enter the electronic commerce

sh419 do the best, the core is search, sh419 technology in the country can be said to be the strongest, and today we use sh419 is not free to use?.

In 2010,

so, since the Internet does not have a standard for thinking about it, how do we understand it,

want to do some trash such as movies, novels, music, video and so on more difficult, not only from the IDC of the pressure, so most owners have to give up, so with the small website in the same interest in the chain of small advertising alliance have also shut down, because the real station will come to dinner on the minor league. Early sh419, shlf1314 and other large companies to promote cooperation.

Tencent Inc


, for a few examples:


my understanding is that, first of all, the Internet has an open, shared, explosive and high-speed dissemination of characteristics. Internet Co also has such characteristics, to their best, the most core services or products, free or 0 profit strategy to quickly win market share.


finally, for.

part of the webmaster because the site has been stopped, hard down the operation station because a crackdown almost does not survive, so have to enter the Taobao. As a webmaster, for the network are very familiar with the Taobao store base to provide better, more good at promotion, the most important is the Taobao shop is very simple, do not need to record, will not face a risk at any time site was stopped, but not because of sh419 "K" station affect the mood. To do is concentrate on the choice of products, promotion, the reputation of the shop product profit make up, than to make the website more at ease.

well, the above is a better Internet Co in our country earlier. Are they all the same? The core products are free. They share their best, most core products and technologies free of charge, relying on >


in 2009, one of the biggest blow to individual stationmaster network business is the country resulting in a large area of thorough investigation of illegal websites the normal site shut down, the network everywhere is a "tragic".

Ma Yun said that the next few years is the era of electronic commerce, so in 2010 part of the strength of individual owners have started to enter the e-commerce, started to develop some promising formal website, e-commerce industry segments, users need to provide a variety of services to profit.

and a bunch of so-called "wet" with the word to say I fooled the traditional enterprise, thinking of using the Internet to help you do the business, now do not have the Internet thinking to do business will die very miserably. Later, it was observed that these "big wet" Internet thinking is to allow traditional enterprises to add online orders and communication things. It’s too fucking eggs. It’s too steep. Do a website, get an online order, plus a customer service, your enterprise becomes Internet thinking? So, now the "big wet" too can flicker.

we all know that the best product he does is antivirus, and the anti-virus software that he provides is free to our users, so he wins a lot of users in a very short period of time.

third, a small advertising alliance have closed down

, the first use of Taobao will become the new choice of entrepreneurial Wangzhuan

it has always been synonymous with profits, a year doing it earn millions of myth makes countless webmasters began to join the PW industry, but the arrival of 2010, the domestic network will be more strict, it is also illegal sites here survive? Or transfer of foreign


360 company

with the national increase monitoring efforts on the IDC in 09 years, a lot of small IDC companies have declared bankruptcy, let us stand webmaster Wangzhuan increased venture capital, large IDC company marketing efforts, high product quality, but the price is more expensive.

sh419 Inc

The incident happened in many individual owners of the effect of

actually feel every golden Wangzhuan, the arrival of the crisis are accompanied by the arrival of the opportunity, also do not mind about half a cup of water is completely different, as the future of Wangzhuan elite, not as long as the knife in the neck is not what to worry about, this is a successful webmaster bearing. The golden Wangzhuan to share with you a few big Wangzhuan to 2010.

fifth, IDC product price increase of



, and WeChat available free of charge? Do they have no money? Are their core products and WeChat?

fourth will be more difficult, domestic road station operation

Taobao shop is free? Open C shop, do not have money,

now a lot of Internet Co fire, a lot of big brothers come out to talk about Internet thinking. The first to raise this concept is sh419 CEO Robin Li, and later many big brothers also come out to talk about Internet thinking. Millet Lei Jun in this regard to talk about the most, he has been saying that his millet is Internet Co, is doing with the Internet thinking company. Now many grassroots talk about Internet thinking, I can hear it everywhere recently. There is a recent comparison of fire god carved sirloin powder, hamburger West master also say they use the Internet thinking of the story of entrepreneurship. So today I specially sh419, and found the Internet thinking this word. In fact, there is no specific meaning. But what’s interesting is that everybody talks about it, and everyone says different things.

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