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we again on the market that do Wangzhuan training institutions, said Wangzhuan, in many ways, but the participation of Wangzhuan training, mostly for Taobao customers, after the training can be known, in fact, those who have given up training almost Taobao customers, to Taobao customers do not make money, not make money, is used to earn money, and a considerable number of people also took the Taobao money off grades yesterday to attract students. It is not difficult to imagine, a monthly income of tens of thousands or tens of thousands of people, how could the casual collection of hundreds of thousands of Yuan Yuan training as a competitor of

next, let’s take a look at some of the recent webmaster concern: sh419 three years after the re included Taobao. As of the author’s press release, sh419 included Taobao page has reached 277000, although the current sh419 included Taobao page is limited to Taobao two domain name and Taobao shop home page, and no open goods page included. If the future direct collection of shops and goods page, it will further split the flow of Taobao passengers. So some people come to conclusion: sh419 re included Taobao page, Taobao passengers increasingly desalination role.

is one of the essential qualities of people adhere to the wangzhuan. Have to adhere to, to meet, to fall one thousand times and one thousand and one times to stand up. A lot of people complain that they have insisted on their own efforts, why not succeed, it is because the insistence has not accumulated enough to succeed.

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the two most talked about Wangzhuan model should be nothing more than Taobao’s customers, the author of this article is today for Taobao customers, mainly analyze the current Taobao off the money shortage form, please paizhuan. Now, with a scouring network 2 billion Adsense into, and Taobao alliance tour Symposium seven National City, there are a variety of Wangzhuan training institutions propaganda Taobao money off like a raging fire, although the surface is very violent, but still very personal feeling behind the "desolate", why desolate one word, the summary of current Taobao guest money mode, used to describe a more realistic sentence: an industry first to have meat to eat, then the soup is not drink

, in fact, the main reason for Taobao’s growing recession stems from the competition between Taobao customers and the monotony of Taobao’s customers page. If last long tail is very popular, very violent, so this year we will see, the mainstream of the long tail word in any industry, in fact, has become the main keywords, often a word found the page is full of charts, from our own point of view to think about, if we come to this list will not buy it what is more, Taobao, the guests are all the basic content acquisition, no readability, it is plainly a garbage on page;

do Wangzhuan must first be able to adhere to, like Ma said, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun in the morning the day after tomorrow, this is the higher newcomers must face the problem. And in this materialistic society, people often only pay attention to immediate interests but ignore the most important factors to success — to. There is a saying not to say that everything is hard in the beginning, to make money online is the same, one day to do things very easily, if you use a lifetime to do a thing is not easy, God is fair, he gave each person a key to open the door to success. As long as you hold the key to success, the dawn will not stingy according to you, want to become a master to Wangzhuan, must unremittingly study, three minutes is achieved without cause, what is not easy. There is no easy success. No day’s career. There is no impossible success, only dare to insist. To persist is to win, but to insist is so difficult. Stick to, can destroy a person, also can make a person. Since there is an idiom, so you can insist to fail on the verge of success, success is not an individual phenomenon, but in general, but to succeed is common, not a few. Persistence is the absolute principle. For the value of life, stick to it.


we are eager for success are eager to make money on the Internet, want to spend your life will not be mediocre, and hope that their life is wonderful, because such friends insist on, insist on is bridge to success, only to reach the shore we can become a master Wangzhuan, adhere to friends believe that our future! Will be better.

finally I give you a book "the greatest salesman in the world" this book to join Wangzhuan industry friends should read a book, write full stick, we are engaged in the main connotation is that no matter what kind of occupation, each of us is a salesman. Life is a chain of sales, because we sell ourselves to others and to society at all times. It guides you in moral, spiritual, and behavioral principles, gives you comfort, inspires you, and makes you more confident about your goals in life. A temporary success is not difficult, and may be accompanied by luck, but there is no luck in long-term success. Ogg – Mandino said, determined to succeed, fail, yes, but behind a premise, that can persist in the end, even if to succeed are not, how could not fail.

! The new

first we look at Amoy network launched the "Symposium" new policies for small and medium-sized Webmaster: "Amoy network alliance with Taobao announced that it will launch a number of small owners in total, including 2 billion" into the new deal". Among them, 1 billion 500 million from Taobao merchants divided into 500 million, a Amoy net brings external businesses into." The surface of small owners feel the opportunity came, but carefully analyze a cat can see, actually is a SEO technique using the general webmaster cannot do Taobao in Amoy network above this, interested friends can study a.

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