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December 3, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment of wider promotion Zhongguancun pilot policy, accelerate the construction of national innovation demonstration zone, to further encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation. "Entrepreneurial environment" top-level design accelerated, no doubt that China’s entrepreneurs are ushering in their own "golden age", angel investment boom began to surge.

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domestic active angel investors only million people, groups of rich, younger and diversified: a serial entrepreneur, occupation managers do angel investment, up to industry heavyweights level; there are entertainment stars and other public figures do Angel >

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institutional angel investment market overall activity rose significantly


raised 39 angel investment funds in 2014, raising the total amount of 6 billion 568 million yuan, raising the total amount of about 175.85%. The average amount raised by each fund is 168 million yuan rmb.


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, following the cooling effect of the 2013 VC/PE market, in 2014, more and more traditional VC institutions were also involved in the establishment of angel investment funds.

2013 equity market to raise channel and exit channel serious decline, under the background of 2014 some venture capital institutions investment front forward and mining intensity on the early stage of the project have been improved; on the other hand, China rich acceptance of venture investment increasing, 2013 Hurun wealth report statistics of high net worth individuals with assets of more than 1 million 30 thousand in China don, the number of individuals and have the ability of angel investment is larger, more affluent in angel investment in.

contemporary China, angel investment can solve part of capital gap and industry urgently, then "angels" on this piece of China entrepreneurial hot spot has gone through several times? "Angels" living state how? How many "angel" is not known as

2014 angel investment fund obvious, to raise the scale of small-scale features

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from the fund currency point of view, in 2014 raised 55 Angel funds, 5 dollars for the fund, and the rest all for the RMB fund.

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in 2014, China’s institutional angel investment occurred 1463 cases, involving investment of 5 billion 957 million yuan, the number of investment cases and investment increased by 458.40% and 490.39% respectively.

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