Analysis of Qi run union buckle quantity problems by using real time monitoring dataValuation of nea

sh419 search company CEO, sh419 senior vice president Xiang Hailong said that "Li Jiaoshou" team to explore and research in marketing methodology and product, and this is called with the consumer market trend of younger, sh419 in the efforts of young talent on the introduction of high-end professional.

sends this article without his intention. Just want to tell the alliance, don’t be too dark ~

yesterday I of Qi run alliance data to do the observation, found some problems. I know this article if you have the chance to be approved by the ADMIN5. Then the union run Qi somewhat affected. I say sorry ~! The following talk about the specific situation… The station on the IP three W+… Currently doing Qi run business. According to the rules of Computing Alliance Pop.. three WIP, pop day lowest income also has one hundred and twenty yuan of income. However, one day play down, get the money is 80 yuan. That is to say, I will run Qi union buckle into 1/3 volume. So I had to… The data were analyzed, and found the problem, and, in twelve, every night, Qi run union pop data basically stopped,,, that is to say, from twelve to six or seven in the morning and evening, the data are stagnant, deduction amount qirun alliance is from this Time off button, and do not believe you can try it yourself

union buckle quantity, is a very normal thing, see much less of a problem the buckle buckle, but I think the League run Qi as a relatively well-known alliance, it is a bit more… Will be in 1/3. The amount deducted the amount of…. the development of the alliance cannot do without stationmaster, and good faith is the only the

do not easy to earn money, but not easy to please, when the black Union buckle quantity mercy Koudian less ~! ~!

below is the president of sh419 search company, a full text to Hailong:

it is worth noting that the "Li Jiaoshou" team angels are "old sh419" background, according to Li Jing himself has publicly said Wang Mengqiu clean capital, Suzhou and royal dry Angel Wu the angel investors, including Wang Mengqiu joined sh419 in 2001, served as manager of sh419, sh419 search portal, sh419 senior technical Director Technical Director, vice president of sh419 technology. September 2013 leaving sh419. Li Gen

is very pleased to announce that sh419 acquired wholly-owned Beijing education Mdt InfoTech Ltd founder Mr. Li Jing today to bring the team officially joined sh419, vice president of sh419. After joining Li Jing, the team is mainly responsible for advertising creative business, marketing methodology and product exploration and research and development, Li Jing directly reported to me.

Mr. Li Jing founded the Beijing educated Mdt InfoTech Ltd in July 2015, focused on promoting the "marketing science", to absorb a number of talented people to join the famous founder of marketing, the public number of "Li Jiaoshou", a series of marketing research methods and tools, have a good reputation and recognition in the industry.

, everyone from sh419, Hello,

sh419 said that after the completion of the acquisition, Li Jing himself is still responsible for education information technology company’s original scientific creative marketing tools business, reporting to senior vice president Xiang Hailong sh419. Since Li Jing himself is 90, this is sh419’s first public vice president of 90.

sh419 did not release the purchase specific financial amount, but Li Jing said nearly billion yuan valuation price in the public number, "I and friend BMAN Li Bowen who co founded the information technology company, nearly billion valuation of the purchase by sh419, hope in the future of artificial intelligence technology and big data the development of marketing, help people insight into consumer behavior, and creativity, scheme generation tool."

December 29th noon news, sh419 today announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Beijing by Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company founder, renowned marketing public "author Li Jingxie Lee beast team joined sh419, vice president.

way to retain the webmaster! ! !

first, the sound of a little, I’m definitely not what alliance or Qi run and drag. The League grudges, this is after I send to real-time monitoring data out of.

this article is original, and can be responsible for the authenticity of the article, because I have screenshot data ~


, please join me in welcoming Li Jing and his team to sh419 everyone

himself, :52983138

Li Jiaoshou

public information, Li Jing and its team flagship marketing scientific". Since 2014, marketing has been carried out around the Li Jiaoshou WeChat public.

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