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Entrepreneurship has become a prominent

"entrepreneurship has become obviously significant." In September 4th, Luo Wenqian, partner of Warwick International Group CID, said, "for the current Chinese entrepreneurs, this is the best time."."


2. clear classification

Demo, chairman of IDG China organizers entrepreneur capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge micro-blog revealed that this year the competition project more than 2000, is two times last year, will eventually get creative star is only 12, the real one in a thousand. This is China’s largest since eight years, and the lively Demo China is only a microcosm of the current Chinese Internet start-ups boom.

if the Web2.0 entrepreneurial hot 2005 is called entrepreneurship 1 times, group purchase entrepreneurial hot 2010 is called 2 times, so more young entrepreneurs and broader business space, more active VCs are together to create Internet >

think of such a situation, when you enter a website, and the website is full screen ads, you need to spend a lot of effort to find the information you need, this website is worth your nostalgia? At least I will not close the window, looking for a website to go. So a high bounce rate was born. What is people-oriented, your website can provide valuable information for the user, your website can users find the information he needs very convenient for. Your website is not a just a website, but one can always help users to solve the problem of close friends, actually do stand to be.

is the title of the article is the face, if you have the title of the novel, attractive, so the website PV >


although the Internet venture capital circles this lively scene has caused people to bubble concerns, but investors are still optimistic about the future have predicted: the next ten years, this round of Internet start-ups will continue, and will have more possibilities.

website is open to visitors, put your site to a few of your friends, tell him I see a website today, what do you think? Remember, don’t tell your friends this website, this is advantageous in makes the correct judgment of your friends. If each friend said yes, then your template is good. If most people say no, it only proves that aesthetic ideas you have problems, need to be modified, or directly change the template. Only the template is beautiful, visitors are interested in your website for longer periods of time.


off from there to now has been in the past more than 3 years of time, but also a variety of Taobao promotion guests emerge in an endless stream. You can e-mail group, group, micro-blog, forwarding, or website to get traffic SEO.



Tencent technology Han Yimin reported September 13th

September 3rd, young dishes Jun and Let s China together appeared in the 2014 China Demo China finals.

new wave of entrepreneurship has been surging and growing momentum.

in mid August 2014, a young dish Jun O2O semi clean vegetables sales project Meihua Angel founding partner Wu Shichun and nine joint ventures founding partner Wang Xiao combined to provide tens of millions of level Pre – A round of investment, but this time from the young monarch dish was less than a year.

also chose entrepreneurship as well as Lin, who is working hard for a Let s China site aimed at providing travel, Q & A and city activities to foreigners in china. Unlike Ren, Lin graduated from school and plunged into the wave of entrepreneurship.

Before the

Abstract compared with the current entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the 1 age of entrepreneurs have more experience in large companies, entrepreneurship, 2 times, pay attention to capital competition.

for many webmaster, get traffic is not difficult, the most difficult is after get good rankings, how to improve the conversion rate of the site, this is a very troublesome problem for owners.

what is people-oriented?

1. template friendly

site classification as the facial features of people. Clear classification of site if a delicate facial beauty, people will be able to see your strengths. Site classification has generality, theme. Do not appear similar classification, the best from various aspects to illustrate the theme of the site. For example, the theme of the site is to lose weight, but it is a classification method of weight loss, weight loss, weight loss diary, successful case. Not following the classification of traditional Chinese medicine slimming products, L-carnitine diet, diet coffee. This is similar to the classification of meaning, difference degree is not high, so the user does not click desire. Clear classification of the site is to let users understand the desire, imagine a beauty and a homely girl, which more want to understand

?Consider the title

and today I want to share is to improve, people-oriented.


The secret of the core of the conversion rate of

started, the three founders of the young dishes had a stable and low income job, but they were willing to walk out of the comfort zone and choose the risk of starting a business.

in the mobile Internet incubation and catalysis, the lower the threshold of entrepreneurship, more and more active venture capitalists, together to create a 3 version of China’s Internet start-ups. The new entrepreneurial environment has brought more ordinary people into the wave.

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