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" was "cottage", "brush list" infringement, the application of homogenization of serious, these factors have actually said too long." "According to his observation, the" worse "situation comes from a new factor: the new technology for mobile devices seems to have suffered a bottleneck.


market turmoil, who came to cottage a

search engine has become the "new favorite" in the online advertising market". Search engine marketing advertising can only bring potential customers to your website, and ultimately can not be completed, but also depends on the degree of construction of the enterprise’s own website, its own strength and related service levels.


marketers often ignore in advertising is that they promote the product itself rather than the enterprise. First we don’t talk about the company’s vision, faith, do not talk about the market positioning, and to start selling products, you must first consider my products and compared to similar products, what is the same place? What is it really good? The right price or better performance? Your product can solve what the customer in which a few point

first: product selling point, market appeal,

at noon, a iOS development group is still beating discussion, Maddie alias is reluctant to leave to eat, she excitedly read other App developers exchange all kinds of technical experience. Shortly after she entered the industry, she was not cold about the recent "personal App development.". "I have never heard of it."." She told reporters in a tone that wanted to skip the subject. Any new into an industry have the right to dream, but once the earliest in the application development industry 139.ME founder Zhu Lianxing brilliant record is to "IT times" reporter admitted, "App personal development is dead" is their more positive view. For individual developers who still think the market is full of opportunities, does the experience of the Pioneer have any reference value?

market appeal

then, I’d like to warn you about the issue of search engine advertising. Here are three basic elements to note:

"many institutions, the media or in the development of industry heat stir, but as in this one, but I learned from some friends in the industry, not profit increasing phenomenon, many developers up to thousands of dollars monthly personal income." Zhu Lianxing told the IT times reporter.

aside from business goals, and consider only what the customer needs, how to produce appeal in the future customers, so that they feel my business there is a credibility of their products more in customer service service guarantee, in similar products in some characteristics, has more influence and universality, it is a the subtle psychological effects, your business will determine this, can become the market leading brand, mass to obtain a large customer.

The point that

is a newly established enterprise, in order to let more people know themselves, propaganda methods used in the past few years is nothing more than the use of newspapers, television, radio, magazines, outdoor media, people all know, the traditional way of publicity are timeliness constraints, you do this several days of advertising, may have the effect, once stopped, may not the customer, and these costs are not cheap, if an individual enterprise or enterprise has just started, it is difficult to incorporate the first column. Now that the platform is built, our goal is to make a profit. Is there a better way to solve this problem?

"national air pollution index" developers Wang Jun believes that the application is a copycat become aggravated trend. For example, the violation of developer rights has become more than just "straight"

, who has a mature development team, has recently begun to fade away from the development level and work on a more promising job of providing the SDK toolkit. "The current App market is like a vehicle because of excessive congestion of the road, whether it is a car individual developers or luxury car mature team can be very difficult to walk in pain." Zhu Lianxing reads this way.

recently, more mobile phone game developers desperate to admit, the average monthly income of only 1000 yuan in micro-blog; the business model is not found, if it continues, I might someday die in front of the computer, and my partner may be divorced."

second: choose more accurate keywords to get better advertising results

product selling point


one thing that every company needs to pay attention to is when people search for the brand on the Internet

Zhu Lianxing recalled: "when I entered the industry in 2008, I felt that touch screen, sliding function, LBS and other technologies that were not available before PC were the main factors driving the emergence of amazing works.". But in recent years, the technology of mobile devices is relatively fixed, and there are not many new technologies emerging, so the scope of innovation becomes weak." Although many new entrants complain that their creativity has been stolen by others, in many cases, the real "creativity" is rare, and many individual developers just make minor improvements on the basis of previous generations. That’s what he wants, and Zhu Lianxing thinks it’s not realistic.

worse, innovation suffered technical bottleneck

brand key words

yes, the Internet is widely used today. Why don’t we make use of the low cost and good operation of the Internet to achieve high returns?. Is that we speak of search engine marketing ads! Simply, search engine marketing is the search engine platform based on network marketing, use people to depend on search engine and habits, when people retrieve information as much as possible marketing information to the target customers. Search engine marketing pursues the highest cost performance, with minimal input, get the largest amount of access from the search engine, and produce business value.

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