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since July 17th, the railway sector has launched an Internet train ordering service for EMU trains. That is to say, passengers who travel by high-speed rail or motor cars will usher in a new convenient service, and they can finish the meal reservation with only a little bit of mobile phone. They can enjoy the food on their fingertips.

1 to analyze the visitor’s IP address. Through the visitor’s IP address, to analyze which country and region he came from. Because a lot of times, a visitor in America clicks on an ad that might bring you $5 in advertising revenue. But visitors elsewhere may have only 2 cents in revenue.

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followed in the thread, he also mentioned that his website runs on four servers, and that only he manages everything. By contrast, no other dating site with nearly the same number of members can operate at a low cost like him. Most of the dating sites are free of charge, and none of them can run with fewer than 100 servers.


more than that, and other online booking way, the railway catering catering food costs including delivery fees is no longer an extra charge. And this has not been to the point, after the success of passenger reservations, take out will be railway station service personnel to send passengers to the designated passenger compartment and seats.


for a long time, high prices and the "low to dust" meal quality of the formation of serious inequality, so that countless people on high-speed rail and lunch boxes on the car supply can not stop tucao.

in his post, he made several suggestions to all Adsense users:

on the kind of takeaway, in addition to Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s and other fast food, along the way for the food station also introduced a local specialty food. If you visit Wuhan, it will be able to taste the hot and dry noodles famous; passing Chongqing North Railway Station can be scheduled, is famous for its hot hot spicy delicacy; parked in the XiAn North Railway Station, "Datang Teng" and "fly" and other brands of Chinese Hamburger waving to you…… only you can not think of the delicacy, no not to eat the delicacy.

at present, the country has 27 high-speed rail passenger terminal, becoming the first pilot supply stations, including starting from Beijing D prefix EMU train and G prefix high-speed rail train. But when the train through the meal for the station, you can either through the 12306 official website or mobile APP ahead of schedule "high-speed rail take out."".

looking at his website, you can see that the design of the website is very simple, and may even be outdated in the eyes of many people. But what’s important is that his website attracts a lot of visitors. And the services he offers are completely free. The only source of revenue for the site is advertising through shlf1314 Adsense.

from the beginning of the train cart selling snacks, and now to high-speed rail car point to point service delivery, just a few decades, Chinese travelers travel quality has been significantly improved. High-speed rail and EMU trains launched Internet ordering service, marking the first time the Chinese railway opened the door to the food and beverage service, the railway catering officially entered the 2 era.

himself says he has earned $one million in advertising in the last 3 months. Conversion, that is, more than ten thousand U. s.dollars per day. This is quite rare for a web site that offers free services.

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and now the situation has been markedly improved. Different from the previous train dining car on the train now selling food, selling food more and more diversified, in addition to the selection of passenger train self meal products, can also subscribe to stations along the local restaurant, takeaway food product supply.

2006, a senior member of markus007, posted a post on the webmaster World Forum on how I earned one million in 3 months.

because webmaster world does not allow any website address, in the member information, markus007 also did not write their website. So, although this post has heated up a lot of discussion, many people don’t know which website he is referring to. Through some investigations, I found out that he was called Markus Frind and his website was Plenty Of Fish, a web site that provides free dating service. There are now millions of members, and the daily page views of Pageview are between fourteen million and fifteen million.

2 you have to build a website that attracts repeat customers. His advice: don’t dream of getting rich by optimizing your search engine. But if you’re setting up a free job hunting site, you might earn 30 million a year. Others like club members, free friends, etc., are likely to make a lot of money. Look for a mature market, offer a free service to this market, and then sell advertising.

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3 allow your users and visitors to generate content on your web site. For example, let them write some reviews, such as nightclubs, hotels, or golf courses.

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this Huimin move for the railway sector, the vast numbers of passengers and users have point praise, saying it achieved food and high-speed rail step by step about. For travelers, they can use their fingers to enjoy the food on their fingertips, and away from high prices and low quality meals, there is no need to worry about the dining problems on the train.

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