How to resolve information resistanceSenior programmer technology partnership of 7 anti pit Raiders


first, this is an article to joining technology partner startup guide, if you are self-employed, he is a major shareholder, according to the model a lot of articles of association of the company, accounting for more than 51% of the shares can not read this article. Although I still recommend that you finish reading this article, what if you’re looking for a technical partner,

believe we are the technology partner pit the scraper.


secondly, you should really be the only choice for the technical partner of the team, you can do the job and have made a definite decision to join the team. If your own technology is half a level, or with advice >

asked friends around the technology, in the end there was a pit, almost 10 there are 5 will tell me more or less bullied, because technology is usually not very talkative, so basically a yabakui. I was 08 years old with a pit, after ECShop went to a company, the founder of technology background, often think of the founder technical background will be more honest, but also did not escape the pit results, therefore also led to dramatic changes in life, the details not say here. More recently, some friends for various reasons from the struggle over the company left in the equity because the original agreement is not particularly good, or simply the founder of bullying, interests are not protected and even a few years is basically nothing. Although I help to find lawyers and litigation, but the final result is often very disadvantage.


technology asked friends around, in the end there was a pit, almost 10 there are 5 will tell me more or less bullied, because technology is usually not very talkative, so basically a yabakui. I’ve been cross, too.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

of the event when the thing which is the company who is investing in the Internet, the reporter run faster than Hongkong times, things are slowly opened inside you, I believe that today will be a lot of similar articles scraper, and may even have the so-called "reverse", but this article has no intention to discuss this the thing itself.


so, this is a guide based on practical experience, if you are a start-up company joining technology partners, according to the following guidelines recommend to the operation, to avoid because of the large shareholders are not reliable, after their shares or simply disappeared in the technology platform to build up, kicked out. This guide has been a lot of friends from before, the effect is still good, but because of fears that once written, it will become a target for all, so have been friends between the possession of content. With the so-called entrepreneurs of this group is more and more more and more like "dragons and fishes jumbled together, then clean" in the business environment, especially to see this matter today, decided to organize the experience, to be a reference.

Author: Peking University, Guanghua School of Management professor Li Dong

information in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but why not get employees support? This problem is complex, and probably each enterprise has different reasons. A common reason is that employees are afraid of the introduction of information systems because they do not understand the situation after the enterprise has realized the informatization. And through the education of employees, the IT role of display, to develop corporate culture, policy guidance and staff involved in the information process, you can maximize the resolution of these resistance.

1987, with the rapid growth of the Japanese economy, the Tokyo stock exchange traded more than the New York stock exchange, becoming the world’s largest securities trading place. Although the Tokyo stock exchange has become one of the most influential stock exchanges in the world, its informatization has always been difficult. The stock exchange has been using computers to do some very basic work. Although they have made several attempts to upgrade the information system, they have failed each time. The reason for the failure came not from the system, but from the staff on the exchanges: the strong pressure on the leadership by trade unions and traders, which made information difficult. The traders are afraid that their work will be replaced by a cold computer, which has hindered the progress of information technology. As a result, the competitiveness of the Tokyo stock exchange has not improved.

The reason

people for unknown things will have fear. When SARS spread rapidly in Beijing, many people were afraid to take the elevator, rather than climbing more than ten storeys a day. This psychology is understandable, because people do not know exactly how SARS infection, the elevator, after all, poor ventilation, in case of infection, the consequences will be unimaginable. If enterprises in the implementation of information technology, if employees do not understand the vision of enterprise information, it may be fear of information technology, and therefore prefer to maintain the status quo".

vested interest is also an important factor. It turns out that business practices in an enterprise usually have some conventions that actually affect the individual interests of every employee in the enterprise. This benefit may change with the introduction of information technology. An employee who has adapted well to the original environment may have spent a lot of time in the current environment. But probably because of the introduction of the information system, he.

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