Entertainment edition content on the rocks a large number of accounts are closed these have been f

reported: as of June 8th, a large number of entertainment micro-blog, WeChat public number has been closed down https://s.chinaventure.cn.

has been shut down entertainment accounts, voted net reporters, according to public information as follows:

June 7, 2017, "entertainment first paparazzi Zhuo Wei micro-blog is closed, the message spread like wildfire, a ripple.

CCTV reported, June 7th, Beijing Network Information Office in accordance with the law, today’s headlines, interviewed micro-blog Tencent, a little information, Youku, NetEase, sh419 website, website to effectively fulfill the main responsibility, strengthen the user account management, take effective measures to curb the problem of rendering entertainers gossip of privacy, pleasure, vulgar kitsch hype star show the wind. By June 8th, a large number of entertainment micro-blog and WeChat public numbers had been closed.

Tencent closed account include: All Star exploration, China World Trade Center, Changchun entertainment president, Go, star, Star Studio hard peeling things, stupid old man.

"Internet news information service management regulations" state Internet Information Office, order No. first article third: "provide Internet news information services, shall abide by the constitution, laws and administrative regulations, insist on serving the people and socialism direction, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, play the role of public opinion, promote the formation of healthy and positive positive network culture, safeguarding national interests and public interests".

        no one will be hard to do site visits, is really a painful thing, like don’t sell products, no matter how good the quality is not recognized. Many people use Alexa cheating and automatic click method to increase the page refresh rate, ranking is up, but ask yourself, busy for a long time, what did you get? The real visitor has not increased, and once he has stopped this self deception behavior, the ranking has plummeted immediately. In case Alexa is blacklisted, it will be difficult for him to turn over. Some people think that extensive exchange of connection or join several exchange chain can increase the flow, but the real connection from someone you click on website of the very few people, unless you with great reputation on the web connection, but for the new station, with the station makes connection easier said than done! Try email bulk mail? BBS post? mass messaging? Once the anti spam laws, the "way" will be broken, walk on the edge of a bad day. As for the BBS post, not long after the post sink to the bottom, who see? In case of being responsible for the owner, may only be delete. When it comes to the group, people see is advertising information, close the window also angry, I see your website? Is there a practical way to boost web traffic? I want real IP!   


Beijing Network Information Office lists two clear basis: in June 1, 2017 the implementation of the "People’s Republic of China network security law" stipulates: any individual or organization may use the network to engage in infringement of reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights and other lawful rights and interests of other activities, network operators should strengthen the release of information about its users management, find the laws and administrative regulations prohibit release or transmission of information, it shall immediately stop the transmission of the information, to eliminate the disposal measures, to prevent the spread of information, keep the relevant records, and report to the relevant competent department.

micro-blog closed the account include: Studio @ @ @ administrative micro-blog all star on Chinese first paparazzi Zhuo Wei @ detective Zhao Wuer @ paparazzi Mahatma @Live All-Star live @ @ @ China World Trade Center Changchun entertainment secret entertainment big cousin @ entertainment entertainment Bapo guard Zhao Dabao @ @ @ eight, entertainment group rabbit area daily @Go broke the hard studio @ little waves [email protected] _ gossip I was so CJ @ @ star star flayer things @ Yu Gong Le yu.

today’s headlines close the account include: All Star exploration, detective Zhao Wuer, paparazzi, China World Trade Center, Mahatma Changchun entertainment secret, entertainment, the entertainment the cousin Zhao Dabao, entertainment president, eight group of rabbit area daily broke the news, Go hard Star Studio, flayer, star that something stupid, foolish old man.

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