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, it’s a little idea I made last year. You can experiment with it.

recently, XXX received celebrity friends donated a box of beautiful moon cake called X cakes, very happy to come up with one or two to early adopters. Don’t eat not to know to eat a fright, just eat a mouthful, feeling a little wrong, found his mouth as if a paper, take out a look, a word written on it. Yes, on the following, you see: XXX, Happy Mid Autumn Festival." Etc…….

of course, if you see this article, I believe you are the one for Wangzhuan dedicated people, frustration is what is up, I was in my 5 years of experience in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan successful essential condition that said.

has today every year has today. Maybe a lot of friends received such a page read: once a year the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, we wish you and your family members happy, saying: give roses, hand a fragrance, if you put these 10 wishes to your friends, your family will be happy 100 years


after focusing, I work more than three months to win the public forum in the home page, so that I can sell advertising, training, etc. to make money selling items. If you also some website, maybe you are not the ranking of a website, a collection of no full-time, do Wangzhuan, must first be a stable income project. Otherwise, how can you keep going?.

is certainly not, even working as well, I picked up a notebook to analyze what the project, which is the most easy to do, the most worthwhile, distinguish between priorities, put the project in good order, I have to do a project, only one item at a time, do to make money, then the next item. Although you haven’t done a few projects now, you’ve got a lot more income than before, and you’ve done a central project, and you can expand a series of peripheral projects. Admin5 Adsense is so successful.

of Wangzhuan newcomers, I sincerely say, Wangzhuan is very difficult, if not, you don’t have the determination, perseverance in wangzhuan.

Wangzhuan is a very attractive industry, thanks to those who make hundreds of advertisers, easy monthly income of million yuan, the industry is so attractive Wangzhuan rendering.

here is just an example for you, you can make other packaging products, a few days ago, a friend of my customer is to learn from my thoughts and Chinese in traditional festival in July 7, on the network to sell flowers, the 3 weeks also earned nearly 9000 yuan, you can also other packaging! Here you play it, of course there are a lot of profitable projects can contact me :10303921 you can communicate with each other.

first I contacted the moon cakes at several local food markets. Of course, the price was given to me, and I gave myself the name of the only word on the internet.

2, Wangzhuan is to stick to the testing process of

I by his own example, I 2005 contact Wangzhuan, used to be a temptation to people, are those online on one earn hundreds of advertising temptation one Leng, some of the basic project to do a contemptuous disregard, to earn a few hundred, and brisk. That year, I had dozens of items in my notebook, and none of them, of course, did.

as for this idea, I made more than 40 thousand RMB last two months, a mid autumn festival blessing, in the Internet during the Mid Autumn Festival, like a virus, spread rapidly. Although it is impossible to estimate the extent and intensity of the diffusion, the daily flow of my website remains at around 3000 during the moon cake event. Taobao is also busy, I also hired 2 customer service.

I think this

typical viral marketing, mung bean baby, sh419 Chinese is also true. In the selection and creation of marketing events, it is also quite obvious, but marketing is a kind of tactics, to obtain sustainable growth is dependent on the foundation, and it is on a basis of this, the user will reach the critical point of polymerization by the moon cake event detonated, viral marketing, won critical breakthrough.

then I called a first-class marketing network the station bought a bulk mail and other parts of the group with the use of the above content for a day, so that the Internet era. Information is money!

do Wangzhuan is constantly testing, we take the sale of a commodity for example, first you have to test this product has no market, if the market is a good product, you have to sell it, sell it.

some of the best marketing strategy can achieve a similar effect, but without tipping base, excessive behavior can only be a time of noise, with the social hot debate frenzy to silence. In the Internet field, I think the best product is the best marketing

to enter the industry, in the actual operation process, most of them will be setbacks, and the picture is completely different, any industry has a large number of people is not to earn money, as well as wangzhuan.

! However, the new

biggest problem is tempted to see the auction advertisement earn hundreds, go for bidding, see SEO passive included, go SEO, and the new heart is relatively large, while engaged in several Wangzhuan project, a long period of time in the past, not a waste of time to start. Finally, a waste of money, they have lost their confidence, leaving one, the network can’t earn money, hanhen.

1, select the Wangzhuan project to specific

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