Small defeat willing to die without a network of stereotypes and too complicated


I horse Guide: This is a small Internet business failure case. Happy Cheng Binghao was in March this year, invited several related people willing to network consulting, as to why Cheng Binghao’s answer is No comment.?. Entrepreneur magazine reporter interviewed many people, try to restore, willing to net, from entrepreneurship to bankruptcy, and provide experience for entrepreneurs thinking.

willing to net, born in January 2008, died in January 31, 2013.

This is the largest ever

China barter website by the Internet famous person Wang Leilei investment, several times on CCTV, is the first-class commercial magazines frequently reported.

to the ultimate network show that the independent practice in the Chinese bartering websites at the end there is no successful case.


the Internet has always been full of new ideas. Around 2006, a miraculous story was introduced into china. Canadian young Kell · Macdonald with the Internet, from an extra large red paper clip began, and with other people for the 16 exchange, and eventually changed to a two-tier villa a year of use.

This story is

profiles for the pin for villa, in the China spread caused by barter website start-ups. According to media reports at the time in May 2006 to the end of 2006, about half the time, Chinese after another 68 barter websites. Results: as many as can be imagined, rush on like a swarm of hornets entrepreneurial projects, a year later, these sites have been closed down.

has no saying that Ma Jian, the founder of the Internet, was influenced by a "pin for a villa" and that entrepreneurs were willing to make their way into the net, but this wave of barter websites collapsed, and Ma Jian saw it clearly.

"the traditional barter site has low efficiency and low success rate, low level of user problems." Ma Jian had this analysis website "martyrs" who barter.

Ma Jian, willing to network founder, after 70. Bachelor of system theory, Renmin University of China, School of business administration, Beijing Normal University, EMBA. Before the start of willing to network, served as vice president Lily network, universal CTO communication, Chinese Putian Information Industry Group, vice president of academia sinica.

beautiful occupation experience, Ma Jian is not willing to venture entrepreneurs network impulse prompted by a sudden impulse, on the contrary, Ma Jian is after careful thinking: "was willing to network no story, nor flash, it is a systematic process of discovery and evaluation of the results."

Ma Jian

"system" is the basis of: "everyone has unused items", "Chinese has entered a surplus economy, many people see the new computer also want to buy, but the family has not get rid of the old", and the lack of domestic clean old channel. So, in 2007, "idle >"

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