The latest TOP44 webmaster class website summary analysis

last March, when I first summed up the domestic Alexa ranking in 1W within the webmaster class site, at that time summed up 44 Websites, and carried on the type classification and simple analysis. Now, after a lapse of 1 and a half years, it will be more interesting to have a look at the Alexa ranking of the TOP44 webmaster websites. Look at these 1 years of time, which types of webmaster websites develop better, and which ones are going downhill?.

as follows: the latest rankings up to September 19, 2012 compare with March 23, 2011 data


one: the biggest progress kind of stationmaster kind website

1: webmaster tools most popular website

in this year’s more time, the fastest growing, the biggest progress of the webmaster site is love stand nets, from the original Alexa comprehensive ranking 3902 to now 292. Has become one of the domestic Alexa of the top 3 a webmaster website. Love station network and 28 push forums, the official operation time is less than 2 years, it can be said that in recent years the fastest growing Adsense class website. Love the success of the station, it is worth many webmaster class learning and thinking.

we can look at the top 5, there are 3 webmaster tools website. In fact, ranked first home of the webmaster, 70% of the flow is also from its webmaster tools column, the webmaster home is summed up as webmaster, tool kind of website is not too. Visible webmaster this industry, webmaster tool user stickiness is the strongest.

2: webmaster forum spring

if love station network is the fastest progress Webmaster Tools class website, that 28 push, push a, seowhy, can say the fastest growing webmaster class bbs. The 28 push forum increased from 6020 at the time to 2296, an increase of 3724. Push a forum also increased from 5406 to 2387, an increase of up to 3019., in addition to seowhy also increased by 1025, Alexa ranking into less than 1000. In the past year, it can be said that the webmaster forum in the spring, a few mainstream webmaster forums, especially A5, 28 push, push a, seowhy posting amount in more than 1 years time has turned 2-3 times. This time, A5 webmaster Alexa ranking also rose 86, can basically determine the increase is because of the hot A5 BBS role. Now A5 BBS daily posting quantity in 10W above, can say is the most popular domestic webmaster bbs.

in my list of classification is the BBS site, only 6, in addition to discuz, the other 5 webmaster BBS Alexa Rankings are rising. Both the laggards and PHPWIND’s Alexa Rankings have risen to some extent, so for the last 1 years, really >

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