Three months’ experience of the novel Forum

has always loved to travel through novels, and every time he goes to another station to download a novel, he has to register and get points. For this, it is a cold, not on the next novel, but also to register so troublesome, really like this forum, without this temptation will be registered. So many, have always wanted to build a free registration, downloaded through the novel, so that.

July is an opportunity. For a new job, I realized a colleague who was working with him. After consulting some of his related questions, I bought the space and bought a domain name when I received my first salary. There is a forum, there is a one or two. Ha ha, is it like an inn? The inspiration of choosing a domain name is also from here.

has a domain name, you have to put on the record, it is not easy, it took two months to prepare. During these two months, I chose the DZ program (the reason why I chose DZ because I did the forum management before, and I was familiar with it). I set up the website and positioned it. Before the ASP, PHP and CSS for a rookie, learning by doing, spent two months, this station is also a kind of mold, very fresh, the layout is also very neat. On the day of September 29th, on-line.

there is an easy way to build a station, difficult to maintain a good station is more difficult. A novel one upload, because it is a part-time job, every day is to find books and book, updated less ah. Two weeks, Baidu spider or delay, included every day for 0. I’m anxious, online search, plus webmaster group. The original promotion is insufficient, to search questions, answer questions, to Baidu through the novel bar propaganda. Ask, there are several answers have been chosen as a satisfactory answer, that chapter, there really is a kind of unspeakable joy, this station is still certain.

after about ten days or so, and finally in Baidu saw the shadow of a forum, and efforts did not waste ah. In this way, after a month, Baidu included very little every day, because the content is really small, but a person’s strength is limited. To cross the novel group, to Baidu through the novel in the post, looking for partners. And a group of comfortable talking about N long time, a station to two small, their administrators prepared to build their own site, there is no way ah, we can not diplomacy ah. But in the post bar, the novel group, there are a few enthusiastic enthusiasts, automatically join the forum, automatic posting.

thought of giving up several times, thinking about it no matter how many times. But in the YY voice MOON to listen to the teacher’s words, I have never wavered in "to the station, as her own children to raise," yes! It is our children from birth to grow up, we are in the side to help hold a little bit of all our efforts. So stick to it, no matter what the road is going to be,


finally, thank ah, yuan_7028, nest, Tian, shallow Yi Xia, chicken is delicious, Ling.

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