Understatement of the nternet marketing strategy two SMS marketing

said the marketing messages you may think is a kind of traditional marketing methods, but the traditional marketing methods have been applied to all aspects of network marketing, integrated marketing from the database in the network SMS marketing plays a negligible role in network marketing, have their own opinion for the network marketing messages Yangzhou seo.

one, SMS marketing basic mode

1, wireless network marketing: SMS SMS marketing is the traditional model to a wireless terminal SMS as the foundation, through this terminal can publish messages according to specific areas, which allow businesses to integrate and collected a lot of feedback information, through the comparative analysis of the feedback information, can be analyzed to adapt to this the marketing mode of the crowd, to welcome the crowd products. Through the feedback of information, businesses advertise products in order to achieve the effect of increased product sales.

2, cable network SMS marketing: wired SMS marketing in this pattern is already through the mobile phone terminal point of SMS, this way we can often use holiday blessing from pay New Year’s call greetings, or friends exchanges are run by this way, this way from the cost of investment consider only applies to individuals, does not apply to businesses.

two, SMS marketing network marketing model

The foundation of

network short message marketing is also realized through short message terminal, but only from the original method to the network marketing method.

1, the database integrated network SMS marketing: this mode is through long-term accumulation of database, collected a large number of specific messages received by the terminal, according to the seasonal, holiday, promotion, brand characteristics, timing, timing, not for the network marketing mode of sms. We may say more at a loss, for example: for example, we are very familiar with the buckle, it should be said that now most people have opened membership, diamond service, then buckle operators will not timed to send you a message, may be promotional news, entertainment news, may also be specific notification message.

2 users, injecting network SMS marketing: user injection network SMS marketing is a potential network SMS marketing, now a lot of large portals have SMS verification, then from the collected data, considering the integration of database, this model will be a message for the network marketing mode is very strong. Specific examples: such as mobile phone Meizu, began operating network SMS marketing mode has been through the means of integrating the forum. But Meizu is currently based on geographical conditions to run it.

3, 3G wireless terminal network SMS marketing mode: wireless 3G mobile phone and a variety of software, let our 3G terminal can not only good surfing the Internet, provides the network SMS marketing model is very convenient for the business. The 3G terminal is now powerful enough for pictures, voice, and more

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