The analysis of four classic problem is of great significance a meeting point

a stone the mood of the meeting has been very warm. In the website analysis section as part of the guest, I answered four questions from the audience. And these four problems are very classic, representative, I have an urgent feeling to share with friends. However, each question is not so easy to answer. I’m going to divide it into two articles. Please, dear children, wait patiently for the following.

the first question:


electronic commerce website in front of a friend, he also often look at the data, but the data is just data, have what method can find what a bit from the data, in order to be able to help his business. He further asked, "website analysis, there are no models and methods that can be used directly,


that’s a great question. This is the common aspiration of many website owners – we need data, but what about the data? What is the value and function of website analysis?

I’ve always maintained that tools are important, but tools are more important. In order for tools to function as they should be, we should master some of the most basic ways of thinking – the method really does exist. That’s what the right picture says. It’s so simple, but so deep, I even think of it as a yin and Yang diagram in Web analysis. That’s right. When we get the data, we do three eternal things — looking at trends, looking at segments, and looking at transformations. Then, we should combine these three and 22 together to see the trend of segmentation, the transformation of segmentation, and the trend of transformation. It seems to be just 6 cases, but the actual application is so changeable that it can tell us a lot of valuable information. With this chart, and according to this thinking mode of operation, website analysis can really help business.


, for example, e-commerce is most concerned about the sale of goods, the core is the product itself. Then, through site analysis, using the segmentation transformation method, we can know some of the special attributes that may not have been noticed. More specifically, the goods in accordance with the two dimensions of goods by the amount of attention (through the website analysis tools can easily get) and commodity sales conversion (i.e. the ratio of sales volume and the amount of attention through the background of e-commerce and web analytics tools can calculate the segment). After a simple calculation, we can get a diagram below:


gets this diagram without any complicated mathematical calculations, and you only need to use a metric for site analysis tools — the Page View of the product page, to get the diagram. But the value of this picture is enormous.

for the upper right quadrant – high sales, conversion, and high attention items, of course, keep the status quo, and even give it the proper title

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